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Convert 1cubic meter to feet?

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1 (cubic meter) = 35.314 cubic feet.

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1 cubic meter = 35.314667 cubicfeet

1 cubic meter = 35.3147 cubic feet

Banana. The question, as asked, has no sensible answer; it is not possible to convert volumes into areas.

You can't convert that. Square feet is a unit of area; meter is a unit of length. You can convert square feet to square meters, or feet to meters.

i think its about 3.2 feet ANSWER 1 meter equals 3.280840 feet

1 meter = 3.2808399 feet Use this formula to convert meters to feet.

Multiply feet by .3048 to get meters.

You multiply the feet by 0.3048.

Divide [feet] by 3.28084 to get [meters] .

Divide by 0.3048 to convert from meters to feet. = 6/0.3048 feet

You multiply the number of feet by 0.3048.

1cubic meter =1 000 000cubic centimeter

There are about 10.764 square feet in one square meter. Therefore, use this formula to convert square meters to square feet:m2 x 10.764 = square feet

Multiply the two together to give you square meters, and then convert the square meters in to square feet.

Only if it's a perfect cube, each length will be 1 meter

1148.4 meters are 3767.71654 feet.

Answer: 150 m = 492.125 feet.

Multiply meters by 3.28 to get feet.

You can't convert that.

-- Take the number of meters-- Multiply it by 3.28084-- The answer is the number of feet

There are 1.52399 meters in 5 feet. 5 feet x 1 meter/3.2808399 feet = 1.52399 meters 1 meter = 3.2808399 feet

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