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2.66 tonnes per cubic meter = about 0.075 tonnes per cubic foot.

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How do you convert cubic feet to tones?

You don't ! - cubic feet is VOLUME ! Tons is WEIGHT. They are different.

How do you convert cubic meters to metric tons?

multiply by the density in tonnes per cubic meter.

Convert cubic feet to tons?

That cannot be done without knowing the specific gravity or weight of what is in the cubic feet.

How do you convert cubic feet of rock to tons?

Get the density of the rock and multiply it by the volume. That will give you the mass, convert that to tons.

Can you convert cubic meters into tons?

yes, but you need to know the density of the substance you are converting

How can you convert metric tons into meters?

Technically you can't convert tons to meters because a ton is a unit of weight and a meter is a unit of volume.However, if you are asking how to convert cubic meters to tons, you can do so provide you know the density of the material being measured AND you know whether you want metric tons (tonnes, or 1000 kg) or US tons (2000 US pounds).Tonnes = cubic meters (m3) * Density (Kg / m3)US tons = Tonnes * 1.10231

What is the abbreviation for cubic metric tons?

There is no such thing as a "cubic ton". You can have cubic meters, but not cubic tons.

How do you convert cubic meters to metric tons of fuel oil?

To convert cubic meters to metric tonnes of fuel oil, divide the volume in cubic meters by the density of the fuel oil in tonnes/m³ (or in kg/l). The density will depends upon the temperature of the fuel oil.

How do you convert cubic meter of plastering into tons?

You will need to know the weight of the plastering. If you identify a weight per cubic meter, multiply it by the number of cubic meters that you have.

How do you convert cubic meters to tons?

You cannot do so directly unless you know the density of the substance in question.

The volume of solid objects is commonly expressed in?

cubic centimeters, cubic inches, cubic feet, cubic meters, cubic yards, or bushels also perch and shipping tons

How do you Convert tons to cubic feet?

Unless you know the desnity, or the substance - you can't. One ton of gravel wouldn't be the same cubic feet as one ton of wheat.

Can someone help you convert 1270 cubic meters to tons?

Cubic meter is a unit of volume and ton is unit of weight. You are asking how many tons does 1270 cubic meters of something weigh, but you do not say what that something is. For example 1270 cubic meters of air would weigh much less than the same amount of iron .I will tell you that 1270 metes of waters weighs 1341.99402 tons .

How do you convert cubic feet to dry metric tons?

Cubic feet is a unit of volume, metric ton is a unit of mass; you need the density of the material. M = V x d A cubic feet is 0,028 316 85 cubic meter.

What is 4 cubic meters in tons?

Cubic metres is a unit of volume, a tonne is a unit of mass. You can't convert from one to the other. A tonne is 1000 kilograms, and a cubic metre is 1000 litres.

How many tons of sand is 60000 cubic feet?

60,000 cubic feet of dry sand weighs approximately 3000 tons.

How many tons in 500 cubic feet?

tons use of weight and cubic feet for the volume of the two compared with Rob Gelphman.

Number of tons are in 720 cubic feet?

Tons is a measure of weight, and cubic feet a measure of volume, so the question makes no sense.

How do you convert square feet to tons?

Square feet measure area. Tons measure weight. In order to convert one to the other, you would have to know the density, mass per unit volume, of the substance. (On earth, mass and weight are interchangeable.) Once you had this, you would have to replace square feet with cubic feet.

How many tons is 65 cubic feet?

A ton is a unit of mass. A cubic foot is a unit of volume. Without a unit of density to convert, the two units are incompatible.

Convert 25 cubic feet of sand to tons?

Cannot be done without knowing the composition (most importantly the density) of the sand

How do you convert eighteen cubic meters to tons 18 cubic meters refers to the capacity of a dump truck?

It will depend on whether the truck is full of rocks, water, styrofoam, or feathers. Same volume of different substances will have different weights.

13813.46 tons is what in cubic meters?

tonnes are units of masscubic meters are units of volumeyou cannot compare the two.

How many tons fit in 1042 cubic feet?

Tons of WHAT. -That is VITAL information for an answer.

How many cubic meters make 10tons?

Cubic meters of what?Cubic meters are a measure of volume whereas tons are a measure of weight.Weight and volume are related by the density of the substance.

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