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It could be the coolant overflow tank that is leaking.

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โˆ™ 2006-12-25 22:40:13
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Q: Coolant leaking from part on passenger fender wall of 1999 Chevy Astro. need part name?
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Why is fluid leaking into passenger side floor 2000 Chevy astro van?

most likely cause is your heater core leaking

Where is the blower motor resistor on 97 Chevy astro van located?

Under hood passenger side near fender

Are their bleeder valves on a 1999 Chevy Astro Van for the coolant?

the cooling system is a pressurized system with the radiator cap designed to release pressure and expanded coolant into the overflow can. there is a drain however, look at the bottom of the radiator on the passenger side for a wingnut, loosen it and the coolant flows out.

Where is the coolant temperature sensor located in a 1995 Chevy astro van?

The 1995 Chevrolet Astro and coolant temperature sensor can be found on the front of the engine. The coolant temperature sensor will be a few inches above the thermostat housing.

Where is the coolant temperature sensor on a 2003 Chevrolet Astro Van?

Where is the coolant temp sensor on the 1998 gmc safari awd

How do you drain coolant 2002 astro?

Drain radiator at bottom or rear of radiator

Leaking water pump gasket on a 1997 Chevy astro van?

if you have a leaking water pump gasket i thing bay a new one is better

How do you drain coolant on a 99 astro?

There is a petcock just below the lower radiator hose.

Where is the engine coolant temperature sensor in your 2003 Chevy astro van?

The coolant temp sensor will be located very close to the thermostst housing.

Where is the heater core on a 1998 astro van?

On the passenger side in the black box

How many mpg on a 1997 Chevy Astro passenger van?

Averaging about 16 MPG.

Why does Heater control not turn on heat in astro van?

If you have just defrost and a fan setting of high, it is the small diameter vacum hose that runs from the drivers side of the throttle body to the "T" near the passenger fender. athis small hose gets very brittle ..

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