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Oxide means oxygen. so its copper and oxygen needed to make copper oxide or in normal talk... rust!

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How many elements does copper contain?

Because copper is considered an element, and because elements do not include other elements, copper only contains copper.

What is in the chemicals to make copper?

NONE copper is an element and contains only copper - alloys (mixtures of copper combined with other metals) such as brass (copper and zinc) and bronze (copper and tin) both look different and cause the alloys of copper to have different characteristics

What elements make copper?

Copper is an element. There are copper alloys that are mixtures of copper and other elements.

Is a copper gauze an element?

Copper is an element. As copper gauze is usually made of 100% copper, it would be considered an element. If it has impurities or other elements, then it would be a metallic compound, not an element.

Is copper a compound or an element?

Copper (Cu) is an element with the atomic number 29. Copper can bond with other atoms to form compounds.

Is Copper a pure substance?

Copper is a metallic element with the symbol Cu (29) and in its pure form contains only atoms of Copper. It is a pure substance. In addition, Copper is a soft metal and can be mixed with other metals to create alloys.

What other elements do the same job as copper?

No other element can do same job as copper as each element is unique .

Is copper wire compound element mixture?

Copper itself is, chemically speaking, is an element, wire is most probably an alloy: homogenous mixture of copper and some other metals.

Copper hydroxide copper and which other element?

Copper hydroxide - Cu(OH)2 - consists of the elements copper, oxygen, and hydrogen.

Why is copper an important element?

copper is an important element because it conducts electricity better then other elements.

Does copper have iron in it?

No. Copper is an element; meaning it is not made up of other metals.

Why is copper an element?

Copper is an element because it is the purest form of that substance. This means it cannot be broken down any further into any other elements. Therefore, copper is an element.

Does copper contain any other metals?

No, copper is a pure metal no copper is a element the simplest form of matter

What is in copper?

Copper is one of the basic elements--in other words, pure copper contains nothing but copper. Each copper atom contains 29 protons, 29 electrons, and usually around 34 or 35 neutrons. The atomic symbol for copper is Cu.

Why are copper and bronze different?

because copper is an element and bronze is not. but, also because copper is one of the two elements that make up bronze, which is an alloy. the other element being iron.Copper is an element by itselfBronze is a compound - a mixture of copper and tin mainlyThere is also brass - copper and zinc mixture

What is copper is made from?

Copper is made from copper! It is a basic element, made from protons, neutrons, and electrons like other elements.

Bronze is composed of copper and what other element?

Bronze is an alloy made from Copper and Tin.

What is copper made from?

Copper is an element, it is not made from anything else. It is a building block for other substances.

Which coumpond contains both copper and oxygen?

There may be many that contain copper and oxygen in addition to other elements. The two that contain only copper and oxygen are copper (I) oxide and copper (II) oxide.

What is the bronzes element in the periodic table?

Bronze is an alloy (copper-tin), not a chemical element.

Which chemicals do you mix together to make copper?

Copper is an element so it cannot be "made" from other chemicals. To obtain copper, you have to find compounds which contain copper and remove the other elements present to leave the copper on its own. For example copper oxide when heated strongly with powdered carbon will produce copper metal and carbon dioxide gas.

Does copper bond with any other elements?

Copper bonds with some other elements. We know it bonds with oxygen, and that's what makes copper darken in air as copper oxide forms. Sulfur is also an element that copper will bond with, and we see verdigris form on things made of copper when exposed to things with sulfur in them.

What should be mixed to get copper?

Copper is an element in and of itself - you can't "mix" any other substances to get it. Copper is mixed with zinc to make brass, or with tin to make bronze.

What two elements is copper composed of?

Copper is a pure element it is not composed of any two other elements however it has many alloys such as Bronze, which is composed of Copper and Tin.

Is copper a ionic bond?

Copper is an element, so no it is not an ionic bond, but I believe it can make an ionic bond when bonded with other elements.