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Yes, cordy barrels were made in Belgium, under contract to Simmons Specialties, and the Browning Superposed Book has a chapter on these

Yes, cordy barrels were made in Belgium, under contract to Simmons Specialties, and the Browning Superposed Book has a chapter on these

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Q: Cordy shotgun barrels made for Simmons?
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What is a double barrel shotgun worth made by utica firearms with fine damascus on top of barrels also has simmons hardware co. on bottom?

50-100 USD or so

When were Lefever shotgun barrels made of steel?

they were made out of steel in 1885 They were all made with steel barrels. The earliest, by Lefever & Barber Co in 1874-75 were damascus or laminated steel. Fluid steel barrels would have been introduced about 1900.

How were damaskas twist shotgun barrels made?

bands of iron were wrapped around a mandrel and hammered.

Looking for a rare antique browning shotgun with damascus barrel?

We cant find one for you here. Browning Arms Co never made a shotgun with damascus barrels as far as we know. Its possible that a gun was made with those barrels built on one of Brownings patents.

Were Liege shotgun barrels made for de Beaumont of Maastricht after Edouard's death?

No. Production shifted to Brussels.

Who made Cordy guns?

No published data.

Would a 20 gauge overunder shotgun with Made in Belgium on the receiver and Charles Daly on the barrels have been made by Francotte?

yes sir

I have a Browning Superposed 4 barrel set made in 1963 The 20 28 and 410 barrels are Simmons but have matching serial numbers to the 12 and receiver. Is this a matching set?

My father has a Browning barrel set that he has traced back 10 years earlier. It was made in 1953. His also has matching serial #'s on the three Simmons barrels. He tried to call Simmons thinking they kept some kind of records, but, was met with a man who told him that when the barrels are made, they can put any serial # they want to make it match. Additionally, he thought Simmons was a "big time operation" that he had heard of and respected for a long time. As it turns out, the person on the other end of the line only made barrels & didn't seem like they had any sense of history or pride in the company. In fact, he literally said, "Mr., we make barrels here, we don't keep no records." His gun still has sentimental value since he's had it for approx. 40 years and it'll be my sons someday (after I get my hands on it),

What does the name P Clausen mean on a double barrel hammer 12 gauge shotgun mean?

It could be the maker of the shotgun, the name of the store that sold it, the name of the person who made the barrels, etc..

Can you shoot modern shotgun rounds in a gun made for blackpowder rounds?

Because of the possibility of blowing up the barrels, it is not recommended for safety reasons.

What is the value of an excelsior 12 gauge double barrel shotgun with 30 inch damascus steel barrels machine made in belgium?

700.00 dollars

What year was Browning shotgun serial number 49473 made?

Need a detailed description to inlcude type of action, gauge, number of barrels and ALL markings.

Can your Ithaca Flues with serial number 202482 use modern ammunition. I think it was made in 1910?

Your ithaca flues was made in 1909,so you were close.i would have a competent gunsmith look over your nice ithaca shotgun.he would be able to tell you if your shotgun can first be shot safely and second if the steel used on the shotgun barrels and reciever were made for smokeless or blackpowder shotgun shells.

What is the value of a Hartford Arms stagecoach shotgun?

Hartford Arms Company: Trade name used by the H. & D. Folsom Arms on shotguns made for the Simmons Hardware Company of St. Louis, Missouri. Unlikely that it was ever on a stagecoach. Laminiated steel barrels were not designed for modern ammunition, so even if it does work, don't use it.

Information and value on a 16 ga french made Robust side by side shotgun?

The ROBUST shotgun was made by Manufrance, which was France's largest private gun manufacturing company. If you look underneath the barrels, it should be marked as to year of manufacture. Value is going to have to be determined by a hands-on appraisal.

What is the value of a 12 gauge HSB and Co double barrel shotgun with exposed hammers made of armory steel in great condition?

This is a Crescent Arms shotgun and if in very good condition with most of the case color on the receiver and blue on the barrels and tight with excellent barrels it is worth about $300. H.S.B.& Co. was an importer and distributor of shotguns for Crescent and that particular gun probably has a Rooster and is made in Chicago about 1900.

Where are barrels made?

Wooden barrels are made by a Cooper, and that is largely a hand craft. Steel barrels are made in a sheet metal shop, as this workplace is called, and this process is fully automated.

What do you call a person who made barrels?

A cooper is a person who makes barrels.

Name of person who makes barrels?

Someone who makes barrels is iether called a barrel maker or cooper. Barrels are made from only one type of cooperage. Barrels are also traditionally made of wood staves.

Need to know where to find replacement barrel for Baikal over and under shotgun 410 gauge and if this barrels will fit a spr 310 Russian made Remington 410 gauge shotgun?

SORRY, you will never find any because there are none available !

Is simmons furniture made in US?

The Simmons furniture I looked at today said that it was made in the USA.

What is the value of a Beretta BL-1 12 ga shotgun with 28 inch barrels in mint condition and year made if it has XXIV Roman numerals stamped on block?

About $550

Can you use a sabot slug in a 2200 series full choke Winchester shotgun?

no you cannot. sabot slugs are made for rifled barrels. I would buy a rifled slug barrel.

When was the shotgun made by eclypse gun co. The damascus double barrel with hammers?

Eclipse Gun Company is a name found on Belgian manufactured double barrels from around 1900-1916. The manufacturer was Henri Pieper. Please note that the Damascus barrels were meant for BLACK POWDER shotshells, and should not be fired with modern day ammo.

How do you determine the age of a Winchester 101 shotgun in 12 gauge with 30' barrels and made in japan written on barrels?

When the OLIN Corp. purchased Winchester in the 1960's one of their money saving ideas was to import some firearms from Japan and put the Winchester name on them. Most of the Made in Japan Winchesters are from the 1970's.