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Buy genuine Toyota filters by the case on EBAY for about 3 bucks each including shipping.


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Changing the brakes on a Toyota sienna will cost approximately $350. The cost can vary greatly from mechanic to mechanic. Changing the brakes yourself will cost about $50.

Which air filter are you referring to? The engine air filter, or the cabin air filter?

The Toyota Sienna varies in cost based on the model that is bought. Models start at around twenty-six thousand and increases from that point.

The cost of a windshield washer reservoir for a Sienna is 200.00 from Toyota. Copy!

How much does it cost to replace the catalytic converter on a 1999 Toyota Tacoma

Just had the rear bumper replaced. Part cost about $210

how much does it cost to replace the timing belt in a 1998 Toyota sienna.

check out this website it tells you how to repair the handle since it cost about $65.00 to buy a new one.

From $65 to $265 depending on the quality battery you buy.

I was just quoted $2000 (parts and labor) for my 2000 Toyota Sienna, but that was including the pipes before and after the cat conv. Hope that helps. I was just quoted $2000 (parts and labor) for my 2000 Toyota Sienna, but that was including the pipes before and after the cat conv. Hope that helps.

drivers side of enginge just below air filter contianer drivers side of engine just below air filter contianer

Go to It will give you all prices

The cost of a 2002 Toyota Camry when first released was approximately $20,000 - $24,000. This would depend on the style of the vehicle, vehicle accessories and options purchased.

A new transmission will for 2002 Matrix TOYOTA cost around $2000.00

DON'T DO IT YOURSELF, that's how. go to the Toyota dealer, take it to the shop, and make them do it. it won't cost as much because it is at the dealer that you bought the car from.:) Works like a charm. I spent $497.00 getting my 1999 Sienna handle fixed at the dealer, less than 2 yrs later it broke again. This fix took less than 30 mins and cost pennies.

Any auto parts store can quote you a price. It really does not matter if you need one.

Fuel filter and installation, $40. Fuel pump and installation, $450.

how much does it cost to replace 2002 Chevy Avalanche spark plugs, plug wires, fule filter?

I just bought a new cabin air filter at a local auto store for my 2003 4Runner. Cost me $28. I found instructions in the box on how to change it. It took me 10 minuets to do it. Toyota wants $58 to change it.

I was told by my Toyota service mgr. that it costs about $100 (including labor) to replace a filter on my 2004 Tacoma (double cab). He said it is located in a place that is difficult to get to, hence more labor cost. I may skip it, as I have not had any trouble with the is just part of the "recommended" maintainance. There is another post on this site re: 2003 fuel filter...that one indicated that the filter never needed replacing and that to do it yourself would take 1/2 a day. Filter cost is only about $30. Good luck!

how much does it cost for labor to change a knock sensor in a 2002 toyota siennna van

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