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Average cost per gross rating point for TV in Ontario?


What is the formula of the CPRP?

Formula to calculate CPRP: CPRP = Cost Of Rate Per 30 Minutes/ Rating Point Of That Time Band

What is CPR in marketing?

CPR is the abbreviated term for Cost Per Rating. Cost Per Rating is a method of comparing different media forms by relating costs of advertising units to audience ratings.

What is road haulage cost per ton per mile?

In 2011, the cost per ton per mile average was about $16.54. That was with an index rating of about 128 compared to 1975.

How do you calculate CPRP when ratings are in fractions?

In order to calculate Cost Per Rating Point (CPRP) with fractions, the fractions must first be turned into a decimal. Then another operation which will turn the decimal into a percentage can also be utilized.

How much petrol does 85miles cost?

That is totally dependent on the price for the petrol and and the miles per gallon rating on the vehicle.

Breakeven point in units?

The Formula of Breakeven point (in units)= Fixed Cost / Contribution per unit

How much do cedar point tickets cost at the door?

$43.99 per person.

What would be the variable cost per unit if a company had a break even point of 350000 and a selling price of 7 per unit and fixed cost of 105000?

Variable cost = ?break even point = 350000Fixe cost = 105000selling price = 7Breakeven point = fixed cost / contribution marginContribution margin = Fixed cost / breakeven pointcontribution margin = 105000/350000Contribution margin = 0.3Variable cost = sales - contribution marginvariable cost = 100 % of sales - 30 % of salesVariable cost = 70 % of salesVariable cost = 70 % of 7 = 4.9 per unit

How can you prove mathemetically EOQ point is the same point of intersection of inventory carring cost and total cost?

EOQ point is -(NOT)_ the same point of most cases it is the intersection of (setup cost and purchase cost). caring cost is notwithin the curves because it is liner with total carve. Remember caring or ho;dong cost is per unit item per cycle.EOQ is the Min of (sum of two curves setup cost and purchase cost), even if Not the intersect other word1) plot setup cost (Q)2) plot purchase cost (Q)plot the sum of ( 1 and 2) into curve one new curvefind the minimum point in this curve. this point is your EOQ.

How do you calculate the cost of using a 2 kw heater for 6 hours if a unit costs 8 p?

The heater rating times the hours times the cost per kilowat hour.

What is the break even point in units for a product that has fixed cost of 60000 variable costs of 10 per unit and sells for 25?

60000 is fixed cost variable cost is 10 per unit sales is 25 per unit so contribution = selling price - variable cost 25 - 10 = 15 break even point (in units) = fixed cost/ contribution = 60000/ 15 = 4000 units.

What data is used to calculate the break even point?

Following data is required to calculate break even point: 1 - Sales revenue or sales price per unit 2 - variable cost per unit 3 - fixed cost

How can a graph be used to determine the break-even point?

Draw graphs of cost per item and revenue per item. In general, the first graph will start above the second but the second will have a steeper slope. As a result, the revenue per item may cross the cost graph and that is the break-even point.

If the price per unit decreases because of competition but the cost structure remains the same will the breakeven point rise?

Yes breakeven point will rise because contribution margin per unit reduces that's why more units require to recover fixed cost.

How do you convert a price from cost per kilo to cost per yd?

To convert from cost per kilometer to cost per yard, multiply it by 1,133.786848 To convert from cost per yard to cost per kilometer, multiply it by 0.000882.

How do you calculate break even point when average selling price is 180 per unit variable cost is 126 per unit and fixed cost is 540000 per year?

540,000/(180-126) = 10,000 units ($1,800,000 in Sales)

How much would it cost to drive from Baltimore to Cedar Point?

Approx 430 m 25 mpg @ $3.40 per g = $58.38 total cost

How to calculate break even point when the fixed costs associated with providing the food is 150000 the variable cost per meal is 1.00 the price of meals is 4.00 per meal?

Breakeven point = fixed cost / contribution margin ratio Contribution margin ratio = 4 - 1 = 3 /4 = .75 Breakeven point = 150000 .75 = 200000

How much do trips to Hawaii usually cost to buy?

The cost of a trip to Hawaii depends on the length of the trip, time of year and departure date. Hotels in Hawaii can cost as little as $30 per night up to $7,000 per night depending on rating and location. While in Hawaii, there are many tourist activities to take part in, which can also add to the cost of the trip.

What is the btu value of heptane?

Heptane has the chemical formula of C7H16. It has a BTU rating of 19,163 BTU per pound and a rating of 4,465.8 kilojoules per mole.

How do you Convert cost per square meter to cost per lineal meter?

The cost per linear meter is the cost per square meter times by the width of the roll.

How much does titanium cost per grams?

Cost, pure: $6.1 per 100g Cost, bulk: $0.65 per 100g and in pounds sterling Cost, Pure: £3.87 per 100g Cost, Bulk: £0.41 per 100g

Cost per capita?


How much does it cost per square foot for a commercial building in new york state?

$40 is a basic starting point.

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