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Q: Could this event lead to changes in culture?
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What are factors that could lead to speciation?

It can be simple changes as environment and food that lead to speciation.

How does oxygen play a role in weathering?

It could cause oxidation, which could lead to an event like rust.

What is the definition of social context?

Social context is the outside social factors surrounding an event that are necessary to interpret the event accurately. Social context includes the culture of the time and place, the type of people at the event, where the event takes place, and the lead up to the event.

Which is the correct order in which brain changes that lead to alcoholism?

Brain changes don't lead to alcoholism. Alcoholism can lead to brain changes.

What event could lead to speciation according to the punctuated equilibrium theory?

A meteor strikes Earth.

What happens if that happens?

B Event is nearly always a consequence of Event A. If you kick a ball (Event A), one consequence is that it either rolls or flies through the air (Event B). Event A could lead to Event C: the ball could strike someone. Every event, whether purposeful or accidental, has a consequence.

When changes occur in the genes of six cells theses changes will lead to what?

It will lead to mutations in the parent organisms =)

What event led up to Hamlets death?

A number of events lead up to Hamlet's death; in fact you could say that every event in the play leads up to his death.

What events may have lead to genetic changes over time?

Mutation can lead to genetic changes over time!

What kinds of evolutions might the Holy Bible undergo as culture changes?

I think that the acceptance of alternative life styles will lead to the next evolution (revision) of the Holy Bible.

How would species affect their ability to survive if their environment changes?

If crossing over didn't occur that could lead nondisconjuction.

Which changes in the Constitution do not lead to changes in the written document?

Informal amendment

Flying lead change horseback riding?

Are you asking what flying lead changes are? When a horse is cantering one of two front legs will lead. This is called a lead. A lead change is when a horse changes direction, bend and lead legs in the air. Leads are important for balance for horses. Lead changes are done at the canter in all aspects of riding.

What is one way that an ecosystem can affect a culture?

a harsh environment can lead to a culture of hospitality

What is one way an ecpsystem can affect a culture?

a harsh environment can lead to a culture of hospitality

Who is the lead singer of Jesus culture?

Kim Walker

What is Innovative culture?

Cultural Innovations are internal changes that depend (and are limited) upon the recombination of already existing elements in culture. They can occur independently in different times and places, however not all lead to change in culture. They occur more frequently in technologically complex societies than in less developed ones.

How do you get wins and losses in pitching?

If you started the game or the lead changes while you are pitching and ends after you leave without a lead change, you get the outcome (win or loss). If the lead changes after you leave, you get a no-decision.

Which event is an example of rising action in a short story about a search for a missing baby?

An event that could be an example of rising action in a short story about a search for a missing baby could be dialogue that hints at the baby not being biological, but adopted. This could lead the viewer to believe that the baby was kidnapped by biological parents.

Who is the Lead singer in culture club band?

boy george

Who is boy George?

He was the lead singer in the band 'Culture Club'.

What event led to the passage of the voting right act of 1965?

an event that lead up to the civil right

What event lead to rise of fascism in Italy and Germany?


What event lead to the beginning of a new life?

i think the answer is fertilization :)

What event lead to flower power in the US?

the Vietnam war