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When i took Adderall, for about the first month i would sometimes get really dizzy and sometimes kind of sick. Also, I had a very low appetite but after about two months of taking it, my appetite came back. *** I take Adderall as a treatment for Narcolepsy. I've been taking it for almost 8 years and I still occasionally get a headache and low-grade fevers when it wears off. My appetite fluctuates day to day. If you were prescribed Adderall by your doctor, you should bring it up during your next visit. Different people are effected in different ways and you may need to adjust your dosages.

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Q: Could Adderall XR give you a headache loss of appetite and fever after one 10mg dose?
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What can happen coming off high dosage adderall?

Major comedown. I usually get fever, headache, depressed, and loss of appetite.. It's fun to speed off adderall, but coming down makes it almost not worth it. Be safe!

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Drug fevers are known to occur. But in most fever and headache case it is not so. Your doctor has give you antibiotic. So there has to be some or other infection. You are getting fever and headache due to that infection most probably. You have to select proper doctor. Then you have to trust him.

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