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The series was called THE PRISONER.

Trefelin was the name of the town in the series, but it was filmed in Blaenavon and LLantrisant in South Wales

If you are looking to rent out a cottage to spend some time in Wales then you could go to, Monmouthshire, South Wales, Powys, Ceredigions, Carmehtshire. and also in North Wales.

Blaenavon Heritage Town, Wales

Yes, you can see Orion's belt from Wales.

There are many places on the web one could look to find a holiday cottage located in Wales. One looking for a holiday cottage in Wales could visit Quality Cottages, Wales-Holidays, or Welsh-Cottages.

yes but its not likely

There are many places where one could find dating agencies in Wales. One could check sites such as Top 10 Dating Sites for information regarding dating agencies in Wales.

Wales are favored to win but the French could very much win.

If that is supposed to be the name of a town in the country of Wales, Google Maps doesn't know about it. Could it be spelled incorrectly?

Henry was broght up in Wales where he was being hidden. he was Prince of Wales and felt that being regent he could unify the 2 countries.

Barry in Wales and Billericay in Essex

Wales has been said to have distilling whiskey for centuries. However there is only one distillery currently in operation and this is a very new distillery. There is more information in this wikipedia article, including references:

From London to Wales is 135.78 miles / 218.51 km. Could not find anything closer than that :-) From London to Wales is 135.78 miles / 218.51 km. Could not find anything closer than that :-)

If you meant the 1960s TV series "The Prisoner" starring Patrick McGoohan as Number 6 then the series was filmed at Portmeirion in North Wales , England .

If you want to watch the BBC Wales news, you should check out BBC's official website. The online official website has the oldest and latest Wales news.

a daffodil, a leek or a red dragon

It could be Tywyn, Borth or Machynlleth.

There are plenty of travel websites that offer discounts on trips to Wales, in particular Best Wales. You could probably also find good sales on Expedia.

St.Austell, Cornwall, Pl25 5ZZ, England, Wales World

BBc Studios Cardiff Bay in Cardiff Wales, Outside scenes are in; and around Cardiff, The Vallies of South Wales and 2 sets on Gloucester England

Wales is a country, the first major town in Wales that you could travel to is Wrexham, so Edinburgh to Wrexham is approx 256 miles and would take about 4 hours 50 minutes to drive.

It appears to be from the Moors of Wales, Dyfed county.

Anywhere, where you could place your pegs and settle your tent afterwards.

You could try a coin dealer.

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