Could I be pregnant if I'm two weeks late for my period bloated indigestion headaches period-like cramps very sore breasts weird cravings hpt neg 11 days after missed period?

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You could be pregnant. See your doctor for proper testing and care.
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Could you be pregnant if a test was negative but you have sore breasts and your stomach is bloated but you are not supposed to get your period for 3 more weeks?

Answer . \nWell if your not supposed to have your period for three more weeks then you should have waited to take the test. You shouldn't take the test until your late because they can show up negative. I was two weeks pregnant and my test showed up negative. If your breasts are sore and your blo ( Full Answer )

Could you be pregnant if you are more than a week late for your period but 5 HPTs were negative?

YES I HAVE BEEN PREGNANT AND THE URINE TEST WAS NEGATIVE AND THEN THE BLOOD TEST WAS POSITIVE. UNFORTUNATELY BOTH TIMES MY PREGNANCY WAS UNSUCCESSFUL Answer i find that extremely false.two blood tests at the most ..should never give you a false result. Answer SHe said one pee test and one bloo ( Full Answer )

If your period is 7 days late but an HPT was negative could you still be pregnant?

Missing periods are common, and not always because of pregnancy.You could be stressed, sick, you started/went off birth control,are dieting, etc, etc, etc, But... If you are having some/many of the symptoms of pregnancy (IEa missed period, sore breasts, etc, etc), and you are sexuallyactive and rece ( Full Answer )

Could you be pregnant if you're 5 days late and started cramping and spotting on what should be the last day of your period and your hpt was negative but your breasts are tender and swollen?

Answer . Hello.\n. \nYes, you could be pregnant hon. The spotting may be implantation bleeding. If it is implantation bleeding then a HPT will be negative now can will not be accurate for another 1-2 weeks. You can wait and re-test in 2 weeks and see the result then or see your doctor now for a ( Full Answer )

Could you be pregnant if you are a week late and have had 3 negative hpts and you have regular periods but you don't have sore or tender breasts but you have had fatigue and nausea?

Answer . \nYes you could.\n. \nNot everyone has all the symptoms.\n. \nWith my first I had very sore breasts, kept falling asleep in the car on the way home from work and had nausea every evening. (My husband put on weight because he was eating my dinner too.)\n. \nWith my second pregnancy I ( Full Answer )

Could you be pregnant if you are two weeks late and have had 3 negative hpts and have regular periods but you have slightly sore or tender breasts and you have fatigue and the nasuea has went away?

You could be pregnant, but it doesn't sound like it, did you recently change your diet or begin exercising? Both can cause periods to be late or in some cases, extreme work outs or unhealthy crash diets (anorexia), can cause periods to stop all together. There is also another possibility, if you had ( Full Answer )

Can you be pregnant if you are 3 weeks late for your period and very bloated with mood swings and swollen feet and ankles but no breast soreness and at 2 weeks a pregnancy test was negative?

Answer . \nYes that is how i found out i was going to be a mom. I was 15 days late and my boyfriend wanted to kow if we wee going to be a mom and dad. If you think your pg go get a test if you need to get to. I did and now Im 4 months. good luck on what ever you want to happen.\n. \nmommy to be

Could you be pregnant if you have sore breasts and fatigue and a metallic taste in your mouth and your period is late but a home pregnancy test done 3 days past your missed period was negative?

It sounds as though you might be. Sometimes the hormone level does not get high enough to register until a few days after a missed period. It took two weeks for me. Happily I had a positive test on my birthday. Answer so you didnt get a positive until 2 weeks past your missed period? and did you ( Full Answer )

Could you still be pregnant if your period is over a week late and had 3 negative hpts but never been late or missed a period before?

yes you can be pregnant or you can be stressing so much about not getting your period that your causing it not to come go toy our doctor for a blood test that will give you a more accurate result and if it shows that your not pregnant they can see why your period didn't come this month hope everythi ( Full Answer )

Could you be pregnant if you have been having cramps for about 2 weeks and your period is two days late and you have had gas and been really tired but you dont have sore breast or discharge?

Answer . \nYes. You could be pregnant.\n. \nMany women have sore breasts, but not all women do. Tiredness is a definite sign of pregnancy, as is mild cramps and gas. Unfortunately they are also signs of flu, stress and many other things. Wait for your period to be a week late and then take ( Full Answer )

Before periods i get cramping 2 weeks prior bloating and sore breasts now im a day late of my period and havent had any of those symptoms i normally have i see my lower belly has rised Am I Pregnant?

Answer . the best way is take a home pregnancy test--most women period cycles chance but if the test come back negative and you still haven't get a period you should wait for a week after and retest or go to your doctor for a blood test. Answer . Well, it is certainly possible. All the sympto ( Full Answer )

Your period is ten days late and 2 home results were negative but your stomach is bloated and weird could you be pregnant?

Answer . \nyes you could still be pregnant-if you still get a negative results--i suggest you go to your doctor and ask for a blood test--a blood test is more accurate than a hpt..(but if you're not pregnant--it can be stress too that cause you're period late or missed) of luck. Answer ( Full Answer )

If you are a week late for your period are very moody and have sore breasts and odd cramps that are unlike period cramps but no other pregnancy signs could you be pregnant or just having extreme PMS?

Answer . \nIf you are a week late for your period I would not get too emotional about being pregnant yet. Sore breats and cramps are often par for the course for women menstrating. If your period normally comes at the same time every month and is odd to have a change in your cycle I would think ( Full Answer )

Could you be pregnant if a test was negative but you're two days late for your period and have sore breasts and sore nipples with fatigue back pain and nausea and you had unprotected sex two weeks ago?

Answer . \nIt is very possible that you were ovulating when you last had sex with your husband. Since you are only 2 days late, there might not be enough hormone levels in your urine for the home pregnancy test to detect. I reccommend getting a blood test if you are concerned.

If you are 1 week late for your period have cramps and sore nipples and bloating is there a chance you are pregnant?

\n. \n Answer for "Irregular or pregnant" \n. \nHello, no i don't think that you would be pregnant because i have been a few weeks late before and then i got my period. So you might just be a little irregular! Don't worry!!!\n---Manda---\n. \n 2nd answer \n. \nIf you are usually regular and ( Full Answer )

You are 25 days late on your period and have light cramps and bloating can you be 5 weeks pregnant?

Chances of Pregnancy . Yes, it is possible. There are quick tests that can be gotten at most stores and can be done at home. They are usually 99% accurate. The best way would be to go to the doctor to find out by a blood test. If you are, you'll want to get some prenatal care started as early ( Full Answer )

What if you just had a short period but your breast are really sore could you have ovulated really late and be pregnant but still a negative hpt?

NEG HPT--------Can I still be pregnant? . yes you can have a neg. hpt--it al depends on the levels of the pregnancy hormone as to how soon it will test pos.. also, you can have periods ALL the way throughout a pregnacy( this is rare BUT it has happened before). Another thing is to do another hp ( Full Answer )

Could i be pregnant i have swollen breasts and clear mucus and very tired did a hpt came back negative period in 5 days?

i think you might be i am currently having the same symptoms and my test came back negative i have been pregnate once before and my breast are tender like they were when i was pregnate i am going to wait till my next periods are dew or at least a nother week before i go to the doctor because i hade ( Full Answer )

If you have tested negative on 5 hpt but ur 10 days late for ur period and im NEVER late also you have some symptoms back pains headaches nausea fatigue constant urination cramps could you be pregnant?

Have you tracked your cycle with a Basel thermometer??? Do you know exactly when you ovulated? If not you could have ovulated later than you thought and are having a long cycle. I have a very regular cycle but last cycle my body ovulated really late and gave me one very long cycle. This cycle I ovul ( Full Answer )

You have had your period about 2 and half weeks ago but you have very sore breast could you be pregnant?

It can take up to two weeks for implantation to occur. If your period started 2 and a half weeks ago, you could have a fertilized embryo traveling through your system, but you're not pregnant yet. If your period ended 2 and a half weeks ago, you could be pregnant. The sore breast is irrelevan ( Full Answer )

I am not expecting my period for another two days but my breasts are sore and I've had mild cramping could i be pregnant or are they just signs of my period?

Nature tends to play tricks on us, even from month to month! Breast pain and cramping are indeed two of the many signs of early pregnancy, but they could also just be signs of your period coming. If you are not pregnant, you will indeed find out soon enough as the cramping and breast pain will pr ( Full Answer )

My periods are regular but this month period is 4 days late and i am feeling periods like cramps in lower abdomen and very sore nipples n feeling very bloated am I pregnant?

alright this is the first thing every women who starts her period or already has it that you cant just predict when your period will come it is unpredictable it does not mean your pregnant if your period came 4 days late then it came on the 5 day then you are all right it means nothing now if you mi ( Full Answer )