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Yes, you could still be pregnant, consult your doctor for a routine examination.


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My friend was telling me that she had unprotected sex yesterday and is only on your 5th coneception pill. shes had spotting today and she's just wondering if she is safe because of the spotting or could she still get pregnant?

Pregnant didn't know it . It could be your body wanting to have it's period but it can't because you pregnant or miscarrying

Because Kate suffers from PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and could not get pregnant on her own.

Spotting could be mistaken as a light period. I would suggest going to see a doctor because you could be pregnant.

== == * 99.5% of the time having a period means you are not pregnant. * Because you had a normal period then its very unlikely you are pregnant.

You could be pregnant because spotting does occur during pregnancy, but you might just be having a light period.

you can get pregnant and would not be a period, if the spotting more than light best to see your gynecologist - & don't forget about yearly pap smearsAnswerHello - Im really not sure what could be causing the bleeding. Spotting can be releated to pregnancy or UTI and some women have claimed to experience spotting when ovulating but Im really not sure myself.Because the spotting isn't your actual period then its still possible to get pregnant. As this spotting is abnormal for you, see your doctor for a investigation into the cause of your bleeding. Good luck.

If you have sex and you're period is late, you may be pregnant, and if you are spotting you probably aren't. But go to the doctor and get a test done. Your period may just be late, because of stress.

It can be a pregnancy symptom, but just because you have brown spotting it doesn't necessarily mean you're pregnant. Spotting can occur during implantation (where the fertilised egg attaches into the womb lining) Implantation generally occurs around 10 days after sex.

Is there a chance you are pregnant? if so, you could be having a miscarriage and you are spotting because of that...

I was spotting the day I was due for my period and the next day it was gone. WHich is odd for me because im usually very heavy. So I waited another week and took a test. I was pregnant and continued to spot for another week or two still. But it could mean your stressed to and its causing you not to get your period.

Hi. :-) In response to your question, because your period is very unusual for you and sounds more like spotting or a light period, this can be a indication of pregnancy.

My best friend and her mother both had their period for the entire pregnancy. Yes you can still have cramping and spotting. I found that during strenuous work or a stressful day, during my pregnancies, that spotting occurred. Also, you could be cramping because the uterus is growing as the baby grows.

Are you sexually active? because if so you might be having Implantation bleeding. Which means you might be pregnant

If I were in your situation I would. Just because you spot doesnt mean that you are pregnant, its common among most girls, however if you are unsure you should take a test just in case 9 months from now a baby pops out of the ordinary =]AnswerIf you feel yyou may be pregnant you should....its better to take the test then wait around thinking.....whos knows you may not be pregnant Yes you can. I would wait and make sure that the spotting doesn't turn into a regular period flow.

yes you could be pregnant because you are still fertile. I would recommend you take a pregnancy test and use protection gurl!!!!

Of course, but there could be problems with the sperm because of drug use and the baby could have problems as a result.

Doubt it. Because sperm really only lives inside the canal for up to 8 days, if you are spotting than that means no fertilization occurred.

Spotting does not always mean you are pregnant. Many women spot during ovulation (releasing an egg) as well. Ovulation normally occurs around 2 weeks after your last period. Also, it could just be because you have old blood left over from your last period that is coming out now

YES, you can be pregnant but the similar situation can be because of stress, illness, medications, etc. You can discover more information below - in Related Links(Recommended WEB)

Many pregnant women can mistake spotting for an irregular period. I would take a pregnancy test to make sure.

Theirs a chance you might be but its alwa ys better to get tested or check to be sure because those are some symptoms of being pregnant.

It could be an infection and if it is it needs to be treated right away because it can hurt the baby. Call your doctor

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