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Could I get makeup advice and instructions?


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September 12, 2011 3:18PM

1. Put on moisturiser. It doesn't have to be expensive. One with an spf of 15 to 30 is good.

2. Rub on small amount of foundation over places where you need it most like around the nose, under the eyes and the chin. Make sure you blend the tide lines away using a latex cosmetic sponge.

3. Pat on some face powder only on T Zone.

4. Add blush to apples of cheeks only - when you smile you'll see "balls" of flesh sticking out slightly.

5. Use a little brow pencil if you need it and smooth brows down neatly with eyebrow brush.

6. Use an eyeline and line along upper lashes as close to the lashes as possible. Don't bother with the lower lid if you want to look natural.

7. Brush on a light wash of eyeshadow onto entire eye area. Use a lighter shade to look natural - like eggshell or maybe light brown.

8. Apply one coat of mascara to both top and bottom lashes.

9. Finish with a bit of lip gloss or lipstick - which ever you prefer.

i have weird shaped eyes so i shove on a huge load of neon blue eyeliner on the lower lid and leave the top naked- this evens out my face i find- although my mum says i look like a Chinese prostitute- stuff her i say the number one rule when wearing make up is to be confident about it- if it looks strange just act like you were making a statement woop woop


If you want a more personaized approach you could go to the mall and go to the makeup booths in major department stores. They will do your makup, tell you what colors and shades to use for your personal skin tone and such. But be careful-they almost always try to sell something to you.