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1. Put on moisturiser. It doesn't have to be expensive. One with an spf of 15 to 30 is good.

2. Rub on small amount of foundation over places where you need it most like around the nose, under the eyes and the chin. Make sure you blend the tide lines away using a latex cosmetic sponge.

3. Pat on some face powder only on T Zone.

4. Add blush to apples of cheeks only - when you smile you'll see "balls" of flesh sticking out slightly.

5. Use a little brow pencil if you need it and smooth brows down neatly with eyebrow brush.

6. Use an eyeline and line along upper lashes as close to the lashes as possible. Don't bother with the lower lid if you want to look natural.

7. Brush on a light wash of eyeshadow onto entire eye area. Use a lighter shade to look natural - like eggshell or maybe light brown.

8. Apply one coat of mascara to both top and bottom lashes.

9. Finish with a bit of lip gloss or lipstick - which ever you prefer.

i have weird shaped eyes so i shove on a huge load of neon blue eyeliner on the lower lid and leave the top naked- this evens out my face i find- although my mum says i look like a Chinese prostitute- stuff her i say the number one rule when wearing make up is to be confident about it- if it looks strange just act like you were making a statement woop woop


If you want a more personaized approach you could go to the mall and go to the makeup booths in major department stores. They will do your makup, tell you what colors and shades to use for your personal skin tone and such. But be careful-they almost always try to sell something to you.

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Where could someone find instructions for how to put makeup on?

There are tons of ways you can find instructions of how to put on makeup. You can search YouTube for videos and tutorials, you can look at many different articles and instructions online, or you can even find books at bookstores or the library that can give you information.

What is called the person who gives advice on makeup?

a makeup expert

Where can one find Sheer Cover vs Bare Minerals reviews?

To get reviews on Sheer Cover versus Bare Minerals makeup on could go to a makeup salon. People that handle makeup all day long would be able to give you the best advice on this type of concern.

Can you put makeup on Littlest Pet Shops?

No. It will stain. Makeup can also stain clothing. Always read the instructions before you use.

How do I apply simple eye makeup?

How you apply your eye makeup will depend upon the style and look that you are trying to achieve. You can find numerous tutorial videos with instructions on how to apply your eye makeup on YouTube.

Would eye makeup tips help put my eye shadow on?

Eye makeup tips can do nothing but help put makeup on. Advice on putting on makeup can be found through a variety of sources, from internet sites, to asking friends.

Where can one find reviews of the best makeup for oily skin?

Reviews of makeup can be found online from shopping sites such as Boots, or occasionally on magazine websites such as More magazine's website. Alternatively, one could go to a makeup counter in a department store where they could discuss the best makeup for their skin with a makeup specialist.

Where could someone find airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup can be found at Airbrush Makeup, Luminess Air, Fairytale Makeup, OCC Makeup, Amelia's, Beautylish, Essence Makeup, Salon Trendz and Amazing Face.

When to use savlon and when not to?

Best advice is to read the instructions on the tube or container

correct makeup application for beginners?

You may want to check out for instructions on correctly applying makeup. They have how to's and instructional videos on how to get things complete safely and accurately.

How old do you have to be to put on makeup?

When you can wear makeup is for your parents to decide. Some will say earlier than others. You don't have to be a certain age to wear makeup. You could use makeup for anything - pageants, competition, or family events - as long as your parents allow it. You could even wear makeup to school, just don't put a lot of makeup on.

What is an imperative scentence?

A sentence that gives advice or instructions or that expresses a request or command.

Why do your eyes go red after wearing makeup?

You could have an allergy to the makeup. Try good quality kind of makeup and see how your eyes react to that.

Applying Makeup Like a Pro?

Many people watch television shows with makeup artists and wish they could do the same. The truth is that they can. In fact, many of the people on those shows offer free advice online. It is just a matter of taking the time to study how makeup should be applied and what skin tones look best with what colors. Many local colleges offer non-credit courses that can help someone learn this skill. There are also a lot of websites on the Internet that offer professional advice on how to best apply makeup on one's own face or on someone else.

how can i apply my makeup to look like laren conrad?

You may want to check out for instructions on Lauren Conrad's makeup. They have how to's and instructional videos on how to get things complete safely and accurately.

What is the past tense of the word advice?

Advice is a noun, and therefore does not have tenses. However, you could say "gave advice." Or you could say "advised"

Could you substitute the word instructions for the term computer program?

A computer program is a series of instructions for a computer, and 'instructions' could be used to describe a program in relevant context, as also could 'computer code'.

What is your best makeup advice for a beginner?

How do you get makeup with out buying it?

ask other people to buy it for you, or use the makeup you already have to become a youtube makeup guru - they get lots of things sent to them from companies.. you could also go to stores and try out makeup samples

What could i call my Youtube username i like makeup?

A few names for YouTube that you could use if you like makeup, might be makeuplover. You could also use makeupqueen, or makeupprincess. You could add numbers to make it unique.

What companies sell Bare Makeup?

There are many companies that sell Bare Makeup brand of makeup and makeup accessories. The best places to purchase Bare Makeup brand makeup would be places like Amazon.

Is there an artist who uses makeup to draw and paint a picture with?

I could not give any names, but if you search ''makeup speed drawing'' on youtube you will have a large choice of makeup drawings. and also i do! i have many pictures at home which are drawn and painted in makeup!!!!

Makeup product that starts with an a?

For A* you could put: AVON... it's a brand of makeup, meaning they own lots of different types of makeup and sell them at big stores e.g. tescos, boots, asda etc. B could be bronzer C could be concealer D could be dark-circle-banisher-cream ETC *Sorry i could not think of a specific product that begins with an A

Why won't my mom let me wear makeup?

Some people don't think make up is beautiful. Don't beg. When you move out, feel free to get makeup as much as you want. NOTE: makeup costs money and only makes you pretty my advice is to put the whole thing behind you.

Is prescriptives makeup better for your skin?

"No makeup is good for your skin. The best thing for your skin is no makeup at all. As makeup goes, Prescriptive makeup is good quality and contains minerals which are good for your skin."