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YES, there is the possibility.

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โˆ™ 2008-06-30 20:03:10
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Q: Could I get pregnant if intercourse was 6 days after ovulation?
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If you have intercourse 9 days after ovulation can you get pregnant?

It is possible .

What do you need to do to fall pregnant?

Have sexual intercourse, especially on your ovulation days.

Can you get pregnant four days before ovulation and had intercourse the day after ovulation?

The 6 days prior to your ovulation is your most fertile period. Even after you ovulate it is still possible to get pregnant within 12 hours of your ovulation time. If you do not know the exact time that you ovulate then it could be possible if you had intercourse the day after your ovulation. You will just need to relax and wait up to 2 weeks to find out if you are pregnant or not.

Can you conceive 5 days before your ovulation?

Yes. Sperm can survive for 3-5 days, and has been known to survive for six days. If you have intercourse five days before ovulation you could get pregnant.

If you ovulated on 100408 could you have conceived on 100908?

No, you cannot get pregnant five days after ovulation. In order to get pregnant, you must have intercourse before or the day of ovulation. But keep in mind, it is hard to pinpoint the exact day of ovulation.

You want to get pregnant so how do you do it?

You have unprotected sexual intercourse and focus in the ovulation days.

Intercourse 3 days before ovulation?

Could result in pregnancy.

If you have intercourse during your ovulation days what is the percentage of your chance of getting pregnant?

If you're healthy & have unprotected sex during your ovulation days, your chances of getting pregnant are very close to 100%.

What are the odds of being pregnant if you had intercourse 4 days before you started ovulating and you are 8 days post ovulation and the test says negative?

sperm can live for 3-5 days. it is possible to have intercourse 4 days before ovulation and still become pregnant. it is very UNLIKELY that you will get a positive HPT as early as 8 days past ovulation though.

Is it possible to get pregnant even if you have intercourse 8 to 10 days AFTER ovulation occurred?

No, the egg would have passed.

Can you get pregnant from intercourse 2 days before ovulation?

Yes it is possible as sperm can live inside the female for a few days. As long as the sperm is still alive by ovulation, you can get pregnant. That is why days 10 - 15 are known as the fertile period.

What are the chances of getting pregnant if you had intercourse 3 days out of the 6 days of your ovulation?

If the sex was unprotected, I'd say 100%. You need to know that during ovulation, you're MOST LIKELY to get pregnant if you have unprotected sex.

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