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No, you are not pregnant. Around the 14th day from the first day of your period is when you ovulate. That mean the ovaries releases the egg and it becomes embedded in the uterus wall. From that point, you have a good chance of getting pregnant if you have sex. You also have to remember, everybody is different. The majority of females won't get pregnant in this situation but you never know what will happen. The best advise I have is for you to get on some sort of Birth Control. Your boyfriend also needs to wear a rubber.

2006-08-30 19:26:51
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Q: Could I still be pregnant although the last time i had intercourse was 25 days ago on the very last day of my period and I took a pregnancy test a week ago and it was negative?
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Can you still be pregnant if you took a home pregnancy test 7 days after intercourse and it came out negative?

pregnancy tests can read a false negative but not a false positive

Can you get pregNant three months into your pregnancy?

If your already pregnant and have sexual intercourse during anytime of your pregnancy you can not get pregnant.

If your period is late by a week will the pregnancy test be accurate if intercourse was three weeks ago?

You may still have a false negative but you are plenty of time after intercourse and you had intercourse at the right time to become pregnant.

How many days after intercourse does your body knOw it's pregnant?

You can detect pregnancy with a pregnancy test 14 days after intercourse.

How and when girl get pregnant?

Pregnancy results from sexual intercourse.

When to retake a pregnancy test after getting a negative result and period and still feeling pregnant?

Two weeks from last sexual intercourse encounter.

What does it mean if the pregnancy test is negative?

If the pregnancy test was negative, it means that you are not pregnant.

I have missed a period and a pregnancy test is negative Could i still be pregnant?

it's possible to be pregnant with a negative pregnancy test. it can be a fault negative.

Can you be pregnant within five days of having had intercourse?

It is possible. Conception occurs within 5-7 days after intercourse. Although you will not be able to detect pregnancy at this point. You should wait at least two weeks after intercourse before receiving an accurate home-pregnancy test.

Does negative mean I'm pregnant on a home pregnancy test?

negative= not pregnant positive= pregnant be sure to read the instructions on the pregnancy test package

Will a pregnancy test show a fals positive taking it right after unprotected intercourse?

A pregnancy test WILL NOT tell you if you are pregnant immediately after having intercourse unless you've had intercourse within the last nine months (on another occasion) and you are already pregnant.

Is it possible to get pregnant even after long months of intercourse?

There is a possibility of pregnancy anytime intercourse takes place.

Can pregnancy symptoms start a few days after intercourse?

No, Only if you are pregnant.

Is it sexual course bad while pregnancy?

Yes you can have intercourse when pregnant.

What is a negative pregnancy test?

It means that you are not pregnant.

What does a negative pregnancy test mean?

your not pregnant !!

False pregnancy test?

can you have a false pregnancy test and still be pregnantcan you have a false pregnancy test and still be pregnantAnsweryou can have a false negative pregnancy test and still be pregnant

Is it possible to know a woman is pregnant at two weaks pregnant?

You can determine pregnancy 14 days after intercourse.

Can you be pregnant if your period is nine days late and your pregnancy test is negative?

Your pregnancy test is negative. You are not pregnant, unless you conceived in the last ten days.

You have all the pregnancy symptoms and no period but the home pregnancy test was negative Could I be pregnant?

Well, since you have had ALL the pregnancy symptoms and no period, you could be pregnant! But since your home pregnancy test was negative you couldn't be pregnant. You may want to go to your doctor and ask him if you are pregnant.

Will a pregnancy test show you are pregnant 5 ays after you conceive?

You need to wait 14 days after having intercourse to determine pregnant with a pregnancy test.

Intercourse at the time of pregnancy?

If you are asking if you can have sex as pregnant - absolutely! It's encouraged.

Can you get pregnant from sperm entering the butt?

No, pregnancy only occurs with vaginal intercourse.

How far into a pregnancy does an HPT become inaccurate?

A HPT is accurate. However if you test too early (14-20 days after intercourse) you may get a negative result when you are pregnant. Its always advisable to test 3-4 weeks after intercourse.

Can you be pregnant although you got negative pregnancy test results and you had a period for 4 days?

Yes, but I believe it would be rare. I would test again in another week and if negative, take it as a negative.