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Could Lidocaine cause adverse reaction?


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Lidocaine is used for more than numbing. Because of lidocaine's direct effect on heart muscle cells it is used to help control the rhythm of the heart. So lidocaine can absolutely cause an adverse reaction. That is why close monitoring of patients who are being given lidocaine to treat an irregular heart rhythm is necessary.

For general local numbing procedures lidocaine is practically harmless. If it was risky, believe me, there'd be a heart monitor in every dentist's office.

can lidocaine cause chemical inblance? in 1998, my son had some dental work he had a seizure in the Dentist chair after that he start hearing and seeing things could this be from the Lidocaine?

Adverse reaction can occur following use of Parcaine. This is an anesthetic used as drops to numb the eye prior to certain exams. It may be prevented by manually closing tear ducts to prevent drops from reaching general circulation. {As you would do to prevent Timoptic drops from having a systemic beta blocker effect.) One such reaction can be bradycardia (30-40 bpm) for prolonged time ( hours). No BP or EKG documented.

You can have adverse reactions with practically anything you put in your body, either by mouth, injections, or any other routes.

I had 2 adverse reactions to lidocaine. The first, a doctor administered lidocaine and I had a severe reaction. I fainted and then started vomiting and was very disoriented for hours afterwards. It took me 3 days before I could return to work and 2 weeks before I felt completely better. 3 months later, 2 doctors who didn't believe that any would have an adverse reaction to lidocaine, administered lidocaine and marcaine during surgery. My B/P dropped very low and I ended up with a brain injury from lack of oxygen.

There are many anecdotal stories about adverse reactions to lidocaine.


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