Could SIDS be caused by not 'burping' a baby?

In a word, no. I have studied every piece of information on this subject for five years now, and I have never heard of that. Generally the idea is:

1. The child is over heated, either by too many clothes or blankets, or the temperature of the room. They say to put the child in a sleeper with the footies and long sleeves, and no blanket. They should be on their back, so the child's body can release heat from the trunk area. Keep the temperature of the room the same as in the rest of the house, i.e. if you're comfortable so is your baby.

2. A "rebreathing" child basically suffocates, either conventionally by something covering the face, or the child breathes in his exhaled air and suffocates that way (rebreathing). To protect him from this you can put the baby to sleep on his back so he doesn't rebreathe. Also, the mattress must be firm. There should be no blankets, pillows, stuffed toys, or loose sheets in crib.

There is a lot of controversy about sleep sharing (sleeping with baby). You could roll on top of the baby, and there are pillows and blankets in the parental bed -- some possibilities of SIDS occurring. But I also read a study years ago about a parent's breathing possibly making the baby fall into breathing sync, thus helping to ensure the baby continues to breath as long as you do. There may also be something about your breath blowing into their face when you are sleeping together, and it supposedly forces air in the child making him breath.

There are mattresses one could buy with a fan inside it that does the forcing of air for you. Someone once said sleeping on a slight incline, there for the crib wedge. Personally with my two, soon to be three, I put them on a good mattress, on their backs, kept the temperature comfy, nothing was allowed in the crib but the baby, and no smoking was allowed in the house (if anyone still does that, it may also be linked to causing SIDS).

I was probably a little extra cautious and woke up all through the night, and could not go back to sleep until I saw the gentle rise and fall of their tummy that meant they where breathing. I think being vigilent, and educating ourselves is the only way we can save our babies from this silent killer.

P.S. Learn how to do CPR, please.

Sids by definition is the unexpained death of a seemingly healthy infant. As I see your answer I can only assume you have never experienced sids as you do realize how insensitive this answer.

I have a two year old daughther and my son would have been three months. I did everything you are reccomending and I knew CPR to, infact we live across the street from the hospital from the moment he passed out we got him to a hospital and he still did not make it.

You are talking good preventions, but you have to be aware these are not the causes of sids. Sids can not be defined and in my research. SIDS CAN NOT BE STOPPED.

Your baby can not die from not burping enough, but I suggest for the mother or father who asked the question talk to your town's local coroner or police department. You may find more comfort their then when you google. Everyone has their own opinions and it will drive you crazy and know you are not alone.