Could UNIX can run without the desktop?

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In Unix
If you are referring to the desktop as being a graphical user interface then Unix is capable of running without it. A GUI was a more recent addition to Unix, meaning that the earlier versions just used a command line and had no desktop environment at all.

Today, you can install versions of Unix or Linux that do not have a graphical component at all, and several administrators (such as myself) prefer not to use a desktop.
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Can you run a c or c program without an OS if yes how if no then where is unix or Linux code running?

Yes and No. Unix and Linux Kernel code is written such that it is not dependent on external libraries. Thus, it can run without an OS - it is, in effect, the OS. The same goes for any OS Kernel. It has enough code to load device drivers and execute some form of initialization program. The Linux kern ( Full Answer )

How do you run SQL script from a Unix Shell?

Answer . \nThe basic format is mysql (any mysql options) < sql_script_you_want_to_run.sql for mysql, and psql (any psql options) < sql_script_you_want_to_run.sql for postgresql.

What is Unix?

Unix (officially trademarked as UNIX® , sometimes also written as Unix or Unix® with small caps) is a computer operating system originally developed in 1969 by a group of AT&T employees at Bell Labs including Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie and Douglas McIlroy. It is important because counti ( Full Answer )

How is a job run periodically in Unix?

You can use the 'at' command to schedule a job to run in the future (once), or use the 'crontab' command to schedule jobs to run periodically on a time and date basis. Look at the 'man' commands to see how the actual scheduling parameters are specified.

How is a job run periodically in unix system?

If you want a job to run only once in the future use the 'at' command. For more than a one-time execution, use the 'cron' facility with the 'crontab' command to create the schedule. Cron executions are specified one per line, with the following fields: field allowed values ----- -------------- m ( Full Answer )

Where do you get Unix?

Unix is primarily sold bundled with hardware. The only modern certified UNIX available for free download is Solaris.

Can you run Unix commands in uppercase?

On the off chance that the name of the binary / script is in uppercase, yes. But "ifconfig", "Ifconfig", and "IFCONFIG" are treated as three separate programs.

Can you run .NET programs on Unix?

Not natively you cannot. However, the Mono project will allow .NET programs to execute on Unix or Linux systems, and there are other approaches that are being researched now.

How is a job run periodically in Unix system Explain with an example?

The cron facility of Unix allows periodic tasks to be started. You need to add a scheduler entry to cron (via crontab) in the form: minute hour dom month day-of-week So the entry: 0,15 3-5 * 12 0 /run/some/script would run the file /run/som/script on the hour and 15 minutes past the hour, from 3 ( Full Answer )

Can Java class files run on UNIX system?

Yes, as long as you have Java installed you will be able to run it on a computer running UNIX.\n\n. The whole idea of Java - one of the ideas - is to be able to run on multiple platforms.

I am currently using windows XP2. For practice purpose i want to use UNIX shell scripting. Without installing UNIX OS how can i use the UNIX shell scripting?

You should be able to download the Unix Services for Windows, version 3.5, from Microsoft (free). There are other shell emulators that are available for Windows, which would allow you to use Unix type shell scripting without installing any additional OS. Your question about "virtual UNIX" is unclea ( Full Answer )

Will ubuntu desktop edition run on netbook?

Yes. The main purpose of the Netbook version is to provide an interface more suited to the device's small screen and hard drive. The desktop version of Ubuntu can be installed on a netbook with enough space, but the interface may appear too small to use comfortably (too small icons and menus).

How safe to run desktop remote access?

Most of the time, yes. Remote Desktop is used very often, mainly by IT personnel that need remote access to other servers (and sometimes PCs). Otherwise, they would have to go inside the computer room each time they wanted to perform their tasks. If you are thinking about turning on Remote Deskto ( Full Answer )

Can you run unix and window 7 on same computer?

Of course you can as far as you have drivers for OSes which are compatible with your PC. You can do it in two ways. First is to install two separate systems on the same computer and boot the one you need. Second is to use virtual machines ether under Windows or Unix. There is a third way when you ( Full Answer )

What happens to a desktop without ram?

A desktop computer with no ram is nothing more than a very expensive paperweight. Answer Nothing will happen until you turn it on, when the BIOS generates an error message.

Does Windows run as well on laptops as it does on a desktop?

Yes, Windows can be installed on laptops and works as well as it does on a desktop. It is the configuration of the machine which would determine what level of operating system can be used, so a laptop may have the capability while a lower end desktop may not.

What is the command to run a unix program?

Just type the name of the program. If you want to run the dump program, type dump. if you want to open the links web browser, type links. ..... Some programs take arguments, for example the cat program accepts one or more files as an argument, so you could call it by typing $ cat file1 [file2, ( Full Answer )

Where could one download Google desktop?

There are many different places online where you can download Google Desktop. CNet or Filehippo both have Google Desktop available for downloading online.

What is unix for the desktop?

The desktop version is one in which certain server components are not installed because the desktop version is viewed as a personal user system, unlike a server.

Which command in unix is used to run the script immediately?

As long as the script file is readable and executable, just type the name of the script and it will execute immediately. Otherwise, you can call the shell interpreter and have it run it immediately such as: bash ./thefile where ./thefile is the script you want to run. Or, substitute the she ( Full Answer )

Can Android be run on a desktop computer?

Yes. The Android-x86 Project has ported Andoid to desktop and laptop computers. Note that if you don't have a touchscreen device, apps can be very awkward to use (though you can use a mouse).

What percentage of computers run on Unix?

Unix is not very popular with the general public. A more popular version is Linux. Around twenty percent tend to run on this system. Unix has competition also.

What is required to log into a computer running unix or Linux?

For software you will need some type of protocol program for telnet, or ssh, or rlogin, or whatever means you will use to log in. Then you need a set of valid credentials, usually account name and password combination.

Do you need the computer to run a desktop smart monitor?

a "monitor" normally accepts a variety of inputs. video rgb chroma-luminance ega xga sxga ... newer monitors accept hdmi dvi a TV will accept an antenna newer tvs all the above too desktop implies a smaller size for a computer Smart probably implies you dont need to set a bunch of switc ( Full Answer )

Where could one buy a Sony desktop?

Sony desktop PC's are available at all computer stores as well as many electrical stores and some major supermarket chains and department stores.In the UK, examples would include PC World, Currys, Dixons and John Lewis.

Where could one go for desktop customization?

Whether your goal is to make your desktop look beautiful or you want an information-rich desktop that provides constant track of your system status, RSS feeds, and other info, Rainmeter is the best tool for the job. Here's how to use Rainmeter to create an attractive, customizable heads-up display o ( Full Answer )

What happens in unix if you run the command init 1?

If you are not the administrative user, nothing will happen. Forsome systems, a priviledged user can issue this command or'telinit' or some variant of that to place the system runlevel inwhat is known as "single user" state. This state is commonly used for maintenance or diagnostic purposesand does ( Full Answer )

Will Flight Simulator X run on a desktop with Windows7?

Yes although the demands of the programme if you use the steamedition are slightly different - basic requirements; Operating system Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP ServicePack 2 (SP2) Computer processor 2.0 gigahertz (GHz) or more Memory 4 gigabyte (GB) or more of RAM Hard disk space 4 gigab ( Full Answer )