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If you are referring to the desktop as being a graphical user interface then Unix is capable of running without it. A GUI was a more recent addition to Unix, meaning that the earlier versions just used a command line and had no desktop environment at all.

Today, you can install versions of Unix or Linux that do not have a graphical component at all, and several administrators (such as myself) prefer not to use a desktop.

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Q: Could UNIX can run without the desktop?
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What are 2 non-desktop computer uses for Linux?

Not only can Linux be run on desktop computers, but it can also be run on servers and other types of computers such as tablets and embedded computers. Linux is an open source operating system that is based on Unix, and Unix was first used for computer server applications.

What type of hardware does Unix run on?

Unix can be run on a variety of server, mainframe, and workstation devices.

On which OS platform c pgm run in unix?


What are the difference between su and su-aloke in UNIX OS?

su substitute user.. and su is a unix command used to run the shell of another user without logging off..

Is Unix better than MS-DOS?

Yes and no. If you have the hardware resources to run UNIX/Linux then you should. DOSBox can run any DOS program in UNIX, so there is no need for DOS if you can run UNIX. However, if you have an older computer or an embedded system where UNIX or Linux would have too much overhead, DOS is a better choice.

Why can't Unix be run on microcomputers?

Many versions of Unix can be run on microcomputers. Xenix, Solaris, Mac OS X, and IRIX all run on microcomputers.

What percentage of computers run on Unix?

Unix is not very popular with the general public. A more popular version is Linux. Around twenty percent tend to run on this system. Unix has competition also.

How do you run a PC without a monitor?

You can access the computer via a network and/or VNC or remote desktop software.

How to convert asp for use on UNIX?

ASP pages are a Microsoft technology. To convert them to run under Unix you could install a package in Apache that understands ASP, or you could rewrite it so that it uses something more generic, such as Perl, PHP, or Python.

What was the idea behind Linux?

The idea behind Linux was to create an operating system that could run UNIX software, but would be free.

Can you run a C program in Unix?

Obviously. Unix is the original C platform. Also, the original A and B platform. :)

How much bits does UNIX supports?

Most modern UNIX systems run as a 64-bit Operating System.

How do you run a Unix program?

By typing its name into the shell

Is it possible to run assembly language in unix?


Does unix run as a dedicated server only?

No O.o

How could a car run without fuel?

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Can Java class files run on UNIX system?

Yes, as long as you have Java installed you will be able to run it on a computer running UNIX. The whole idea of Java - one of the ideas - is to be able to run on multiple platforms.

What is xwindows for Linux?

The X Windowing System is a suite of software and a server where graphical user interfaces may be run on UNIX and Unix-like systems. It is not the window manager or the desktop environment, however. Think of it as the low-level libraries, hardware interface, and the base display context for everything you see on the screen in Linux on a GUI.

What is a UNIX command that will count how many users have logged on to the UNIX system?

who | wc -l You could also use the sequence: users | wc -l The easiest way is to run the 'uptime' command, which will give you that information on the first line.

How many jobs run periodically in Unix?

As many as you want.

Where can you get a Unix shell for Windows?

A Unix shell can be obtained in Cygwin, a Unix compatibility layer used to compile Unix programs and run them on Windows. Microsoft also makes a shell known as "Windows PowerShell" which incorporates more Unix-like features than the standard command prompt.

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What does bg stands for in computer system?

BG is a command on Unix and Unix-like operating systems to run a job(process) asynchronously in the background.

Can you run an ASP program on Unix or Linux?

Will Interix run on Windows 7 home premium. I need a Unix emulator to run software I have. I can't do an online upgrade where it is freely available as my country is not listed.?

It won't. You'd need to upgrade to Win 7 Enterprise/Ultimate. But you still could use Cygwin. Both are implementations of an Unix userland.