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Not in the strictest legal sense, but if there were no objections from the minor's parents then it is unlikely authorities would intervene unless it was brought to their attention in some other matter.

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Could you correct this sentence of going to watch movie later with my boyfriend and brother?

I'm going to watch movie with my boyfriend and my brother after this.

If you are 11 can you have a boyfriend?

I am 11, I Have a boyfriend if your Parents are okay with it YES. My parents are okay with it. But at 11 the most you could do is Kiss,Hug,Hold Hands, etc.

Can your girlfriend at 17 can move out with her boyfriend?

yes you could if your parents say its ok

Is it legal for a 16-year-old girl to move out of her parents' home in Michigan to the the parents of her boyfriend in Florida and could her parents do anything if she married her boyfriend?

You're 16, you can do what you want, but if you do this then you could loose your parens. Do you really want to break their hearts?

How can you make sure that your boyfriend and your parents never know about each other?

Well why wouldn't you want your parents to know each other?Isn't it better for your parents to know that you have a boyfriend so that if you and your boyfriend have have arguments with each other then you could ask your parents for their advice.I'm not going to tell you how to keep both of your parents from knowing each other.

What is a double half brother?

A half brother is a brother who you share one parent with. A double half brother is there-fore a brother who you share two parents with - and therefore could simply just be called a brother. The term however suggests that there was a discontinuity in your parents marriage, and that one of you was born after a reconciliation or remarriage.

Can a 15 year old move in with her boyfriend and his parents?

Only if her parents have given permission. And if there is sexual contact, it could be illegal to do so.

How do you tell your boyfriend that you think his brother is hot?

You don't. If you want to stay with your boyfriend it is best you don't say anything concerning his brother. Doing so could also cause a riff between siblings one that is unnecessary.

What relation are you to your uncle's brother?

Your uncle's brother could be your father or another uncle. If your uncle is your uncle because he is married to the sister of one of your parents, his brother is not related to you.

How do you tell your parents that you have a boyfriend?

Telling your parents that you have a boyfriend can be quite embarrassing, especially if they are likely to go "aw" or ask questions about him. If you are likely to go very shy, then maybe you could bring your boyfriend to your house, and introduce him, rather than telling them alone.

Is Bobbie Christina dating her brother?

No that is not her brother. When his parents could not take care of him Whitney did but they are not even blood related. But apparently they are engaged.

What is a son of an Uncles brother called?

He could be your brother. He could be a first cousin. If the uncle married into the family (Married the sister of one of your parents), the brother would not be related in any way and neither would his son.

Can my parents arrest my 18 year old boyfriend if I am 15 just because my mother's boyfriend dislikes the idea?

He could only be arrested if you have had sex with him.

Can a 16 year old girl in Maine move out with out her parents permission with her 23 year old boyfriend?

The only way you ca move in with him if your parents give all your rights to your boyfriend, but you can't move out without your parents permission because your still a minor and your boyfriend is 23 and he could go to jail if your parents are not ok with it. So just stay home and with at least a year or two and see how everything is going with your parents and your boyfriend. No, the legal age for moving out without your parents permission is 18-years-old.

If I am 17 and my boyfriend is 18 and we stay in TN could we get married?

I think you have to have your parents approval... a wriiten agrement!

Can a 17-yr old girl move in with her 20-yr old boyfriend if she has consent from her parents in Oklahoma?

She could, but the boyfriend could be charged with second-degree rape if they have a sexual relationship.

What does it mean when your boyfriend wants you to make an effort to be social with his parents and what could you talk about with them as well as him?

People will usually like someone who likes to listen. Try to find out about his parents. Talk to them about what they like, how they met, what they enjoy. In meeting your boyfriend

What naughty things to say to your boyfriend?

You say that your going to through their brother out the window, like a fox. or You could say to your boyfriend: "If I told you that you had a great body, would you hold it against me

I really want a boyfriend but my parents say im too young?

i am 9 and want a boyfriend but just can't find one and i would not tell my parents or friends cuz they can tell my parents just like my friend she is 9 and has a boyfriend and told her parents and they were cool wit it so do be afriad becuz it might turn out that ur parents could be cool wit it i didnt get a girlfriend until like April and im 12 Dangerouspie15

Is it legal for a 17-year-old girl to move out of her parents' home in Florida to the parents of her boyfriend in Michigan and could her parents do anything if she married her boyfriend?

You are 17 years old. You probably have less than a year then you can move out of your parents house and move with your boyfriend. Just give this year a time to save up some money and to be with your family. If you run away your parents will find out. You can only get married at your age with your parents consent. Good luck and God Bless:)

If you runaway at sixteen to live with your boyfriend will he get in trouble?

Yes, he could have charges brought against him. Until you are an adult, your parents are responsible for you.

What to do if your mother said you could get a game but when you hurt your brother by accident she said no?

Politely explain to your mother that you did not intend to hurt your brother. She may understand. If not, get over it: Parents are in charge.

Is it illegal for your boyfriend to move into your house when your still a minor?

No. It may be illegal for you to have sex with him and since it is your parents house you can't legally move the boyfriend in without their permission but it's not illegal for him to live there. If he is also a minor and his parents don't want him to move in there could be problems.

Ex boyfriend brother is coming on to you?

id stir clear of both bothers , sound like too much drama. And could be dangerous.

What should you do if my boyfriend is coming over and my parents won't be home?

You should not be having your boyfriend over if they're not home. Your parents won't trust you if you do things like that behind their backs. Plus, if you and your boyfriend end up having sex, you could become pregnant and ruin your life before you're even grown up.