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YEARS ago, single people were not even considered when choosing a foster or adoptive parent. Times have changed. Each and every state has their own set of guidelines to follow. If you apply to be an adoptive parent, you will have to meet certain criteria. They do a background check, consider your income, assess your home for safety and appropriateness, investigate your personal referances, look at your overall status and experience, look at the needs of the child, assess whether or not you can meet those needs and a host of other specifications. Many times, one has to be willing to accept and support a "hard to place child", meaning that the child is not a "perfect" infant. The child may have a developmental disability, a learning disability, be behaviorally challenged or otherwise problematic. Perhaps they are simply too old. (Everyone it seems wants an infant when they adopt.) Personally, I prefer a challenge!! I work with difficult children and their families directly, through a state agency. It is these children that are the most in need of a loving, dedicated, secure home life, yet remain the most difficult to place. The rewards of helping such a child are indescribable!! Most state agencies are in a desperate search for "special" people willing to take on the challenge, and change the life for the better for that "special" child. Most, if not all, agencies offer classes, and pay to provide you with required courses such as CPR, First Aid, etc... etc... I can say from experience that helping these children and their families is the most rewarding thing that I have EVER done. I hope that you go for it, and are able to adopt a child that needs you. You won't be sorry, I can promise you that! BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!

2006-08-20 19:08:48
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Q: Could a 19-year-old who already has a bachelor's degree in pre-med biology and has preschool experience be qualified to adopt a child?
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