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Depends how badly you hit it. You could only produce those results if you flopped it, aim left and open the face.

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How far can Tiger Woods hit 3iron?


Golf club distances in meteres?

everyone plays a different game, but for myself, in meters Driver - 260m 3-wood - 210m 3iron - 180m 4iron - 165m 5iron - 155m 6iron - 145m 7iron - 135m 8iron - 120m 9iron - 110m pw - 100m full swing, and for the driver, as hard as i can. Current h'cap is 8.2 everyone plays a different game, but for myself, in meters Driver - 260m 3-wood - 210m 3iron - 180m 4iron - 165m 5iron - 155m 6iron - 145m 7iron - 135m 8iron - 120m 9iron - 110m pw - 100m full swing, and for the driver, as hard as i can. Current h'cap is 8.2 msn,

When I set up with my 9 iron I hit it solid so when i set up with my 7 or 8 iron do I move the ball away from my body more or adjust my height or both?

My rule of thumb is the higher the loft place further back in your stance , I hit my 9 and 8 from the same spot and my 6 and 7 from the same spot. Line up middle to back starting with your 3iron.

How many irons does a golf pro use?

usually a 3iron through pitching wedge or 4 through pw. a pitching wedge is considered an iron since its usually sold with an iron set so 7 or 8 depending if they use a 3 hybrid or 3 iron. some use more hybrids than others. its 14 clubs to a bag. a driver,wood,3h or 3i-pw,3 wedges and a putter.

What are the 14 golf clubs?

There are a number of different golf clubs, and any variation of 13 plus one putter can be used. There would traditionally be a driver, with a loft of about 8.5-12.5 degrees, it is usually the longest club in the bag in regards to both shaft and distance. These nearly have a graphite shaft. Then some fairway woods, these usually come as a 3,5,7,9 and even 11 wood, they have quite low lofts on them and usually have graphite shafts however personal preference may lead to a player selecting a steel shaft. In recent years, hybrid clubs have become quite popular, these have the loft of some long irons but have the head design of fairway woods, the idea behind them is to help get the ball airborne with a lower centre of gravity, these can have steel or graphite shafts. Then the irons, iron sets come mainly 3 iron to pitching wedge, which is 8 irons with ascending lofts starting with 3 iron being the lowest with about 21 degrees and a pitching wedge with about 48 degrees. Most irons sets come with steel shafts, graphite shafts may also be used. In addition to the pitching wedge most players carry some extra wedges, usually a sand wedge 54-56 degrees and a lob wedge 58-60 degrees, although a gap wedge 50-52 degrees may be carried also, these nearly always have steel shafts. And finally the putter, a standard putter can range from 33- 35 inches in length, however there are variations including belly and chin putters which are much longer. So for example what may be called a traditional set might have, A driver, 3 and 5 fairway woods, 3iron - pitching wedge, a sand wedge, a lob wedge and a putter.

The distance between the lowest and highest tones a voice or instrument can produce is called?

The distance between the lowest and highest tones a voice or instrument can produce is called "range."

Can a greyhound run long distance?

No, they are more accustomed to sprinting, rather than long distance running.

Do raccoons have a keen vision?

No, their distance vision is rather poor.

Which object in space produces rather than reflects light?

All stars produce light rather than reflecting light.

What is a tool used to produce magnified images of distance objects?

a telescope

What is the minimum distance required to produce a distinct echo in meter?


What is the limit of the object distance to produce a real image?

Focal Length

Why are kilometres not used ti indicate distance in space?

For the same reason that you do not use millimeters to describe the distancefrom home to your school or office . . . they are too small, and they wouldproduce numbers that are too big to handle conveniently.For example:The distance from Earth to the nearest star outside of our solar systemis roughly39,733,980,000,000 kilometers. Would you rather work with that number, or with " 4.2 light years " ?

Describe the major abiotic factors that produce earth's main climate zone?

Earth has several abiotic factors that produce the main climate zones. Temperature, precipitation, distance from equator and distance from oceans, and soil.

How do you produce an echo?

To produce an echo, the sound wave bounces off a surface and then comes back to the origin with the appropriate lag for distance.

What is the distance between the wheels?

The wheelbase of the vehicle. Measured as the distance between the axles, rather than the actual wheels or tires. 121.2 in

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Plants obtain glucose, or rather, produce them through photosynthesis.

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It actually produce nothing, (I think so, but am not sure) it rather stores and secrete oxytocin and vassopressin produced by the hypothalamus.

What is an advantage of using cell culture rather than bacterial culture to produce biological molecules?

Cell culture can be used to produce complex proteins.

How does a large force produce a small torque and it is possible for a small force to produce a large torque?

Torque is the product of (force) x (distance from the center of rotation).So with a distance from the center that's large enough or small enough,any force can produce as much or as little torque as you want.

What is an organism that uses rather than produces?

An organism that uses rather than produce is known as a consumer. These are commonly known as heterotrophs and they obtain their food from autotrophs.

Why are the testes located outside the body rather than inside?

They need to be kept at a lower temp than the rest of the body in order to produce the stuff that they produce.

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it does not actually produce apple juices, rather it is used in the preparation of apple juices. They clear the juice as it contains pectinase enzyme.

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A moving charge produces a current, or rather a time varying electric. A moving electron alone actually does not produce a magnetic field.

Why does the US import clothing rather than produce it?

The US imports, exports, and produces clothes.

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