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actually that was the problem but thanks for trying

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Q: Could a bad CV joint cause your car to shimmy and wear a tire unevenly?
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What could be causing a shimmy shake in a 93 Dodge Spirit at between 20 - 30 mph?

Usually a low speed problem is either a bent wheel or a slipped belt on a tire. It could also be the C/V joint... if it is the C/V joint it will do some bad shaking depending on how bad the c/v joint is gone, the longer you wait to fix it the more of a shimmy and shake you will get

Why does your 1987 Nissan truck shimmy in overdrive?

You might need a new u joint.

What makes a car shimmy at 35 mph?

could be tires out of round,bent rim,out of balence wheel or wheel bearings. or it could be the u-joint is bad and it is off balancing your drive shaft

Will a bad front axle on a 1992 subaru loyale make it shimmy when you accerate?

Yes, it will and generally it is the inboard cv joint.

What could cause itching on your arm on top of the joint?

a mosquito bite???

Could a bad ball joint cause vibration on accleration?


What could cause Squeking in the rear end or around the u joint of 2000 z71?

Bad U-joint

Can a displaced muscle cause pain in the sacroiliac joint?

This could be the cause of SI joint pain as well along with other causes such as traumatic injuries, hormonal changes orsacroiliac joint inflamation.

What does a bad Universal joint feel like in a Jeep liberty?

Should shake or shimmy on acceleration, may also squeak and clunk.

What could cause a squeaking where the U-joint meet the transmission on a 98 Chevy 1500?

Probably a bad u-joint.

Car shakes bad at 40 miles an hour just had brakes done?

probably a wheel bearing, ball joint, tie rod end, or tire balance issue. A bad CV joint is possible but unlikely. a severely bent rim will also cause a shimmy but usually at a higher speed.

What causes steering wheel shimmy?

It could be many things... It could be warped rotors. It could be loose tie rod ends. (If a slower, less noticeable drift) It could be unbalanced tires on the front end. It could be CV joint(s) ready to go out. I can't think of anything else at the moment.

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