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Sorry but they are no way linked so no a bladder infection can not cause a missed period or even a pregnancy test to show as negative

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Q: Could a bladder infection cause a missed period and a pregnancy test show negative?
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Can a bladder infection cause a missed period?

If it has made you very poorly then it is possible. But rule out pregnancy first.

Can a blatter infection make a pregnancy test come up negative?

Well if you think you're pregnant and have already missed a couple periods go to the doctor or hospital and get antibiotics to clear up the bladder infection first then take a pregnancy test.

Could a bladder infection cause a missed period?

No, a bladder infection won't cause a late or missed period. But antibiotics, which are usually given for a bladder infection, can cause the pill not be as effective. If you are late or missed a period you should see a doctor for a pregnancy test. Or take a home test. Anytime you are on antibiotics, you need to use a back up method of birth control.

If you are 8 or 9 days late from period and you have bladder infection is it possible you are pregnant or just bladder infection is stopping the period?

A bladder infection would probably not stop a period. If you ARE pregnant a bladder infection could cause you to miscarry. A bladder infection should be treated as it can backtrack to the kidneys so go to the doctor about the infection and tell him/her that you have missed your period.

What should you do if missed period and did two pregnancy test and were negative?


Does going to the bathroom frequently mean that you're pregnant?

It could mean you are pregnant or you may just have a bladder problem. Have you missed a period yet? If you have take a pregnancy test if you have not missed your period yet wait to see if it comes if not i would take a pregnancy test. Usually in the first few months of pregnancy you don't go to the bathroom often because usually as the baby gets bigger it pushes on the bladder.. I would say you most likely have a bladder infection. you would want to go to the bathroom frequently and sometimes spot a little blood depending on the severity of the infection.

Why am i tired all the time missed period abnormal pap smear?

A missed period and fatigue can be signs of pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test.

If I've had bladder infections and currently have a yeast infection is it possible that this caused a missed period?

nope...your pregnant...

Could a bladder infection be a sign of pregnancy I dont drink soda I dont frink any caffeine to cause a bladder infection So could it mean Im pregnant Its not the only sypmtom I have I have several?

Can i DRINK SODA WHILE HAVING A BLADDER INFECTION A. WHO ever write that at the top is stupid . I had bladder infections when I was pregnant with both of my children so if you missed a period or if your period only lasted a shorter time than normal then you could be pregnant.

Missed your period but have took a pregnancy test but its come up negative?

do another one

What if your period is missed when you are young?

I will do the urine pregnancy test. If it is negative, reassurance and observation is the therapy.

Ok I'm on losertin 24 and i missed my period the month i was taken antioba for a uti infection i took two over the counter preg test but they said negative what should i do is this normal?

If you are on Loesterin 24 and you missed your period the month you were taking antibiotics for a UTI infection, you may just be late. If you have taken pregnancy tests and they are negative, you should see a doctor.

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