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ya mine did the same thing does the lights work if so then it might me your ingintion switch check the fuse pannel under the hood by the battry

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Where is the starter on a 1999 Ford Probe?

a 99 ford probe doesnt exist

What is a temperature probe?

what is a temperature probe that im trying to work out for my science homework......any idea........... thnks

Why does my 1989 probe starts and sometime it doesnt?

you have a bad electrical connection. Start at you battery and work back through the rest of the car.

Why does a probe need scientific instruments?

I assume you're talking about a space probe.It doesn't need scientific instruments, but if it didn't have them, thenthere really wouldn't be any reason to launch it, now would there.

What is the probe size?

Probe,probe se 2.0 / probe gt 2.5

Can you reason with an alien who is about to anal probe you?

Whatever you're thinking, that isn't an alien. It's someone you know.

Why does my 1994 ford probe idle rough and have poor acceleration?

Your 1994 Ford Probe sounds as if it needs a tune-up. The reason for the rough idling and poor acceleration could also be very old motor oil, a very dirty air filter, or clogged fuel lines. It is best to bring the car in for service.

Why does the electronic igniter keep ticking when it is off?

The electronic ignitor keeps ticking when it is off because it is cooling off. The air hits the probe when the probe is hot, and it is trying to condense, or cool off, which causes the ticking.

How do you use the word discover in a sentence?

The probe could discover new locations.

What is the population of Gen-Probe?

The population of Gen-Probe is 1,300.

Could the Pioneer 10 probe be retrieved?

It is true to say that pioneer x can be retrieved.

What is temperature probe?

Its a probe that has to do with temperature

How to trace a drop of blood from the tip of the right finger back to the heart?

A radioactive probe can be inserted at the fingertip. In an MRI scan, the drop of blood containing the probe will appear on the monitor, as it moves through the body. It will however, become blurry as a songle drop doesnt exist solely

Engine tick on an 89 ford probe I'll drive by probe and their will be an anyoing ticking noise.... What could be the problem?

I have a 1989 Probe and also had a tick, I found that the exhaust manifold bolts were loose. I removed the heat shield and tighten the bolts. NO MORE TICK

What is the reason for the absence of 4 and 6 markings on William's probe?

The 4 and 6 markings on the William's probe were left out to avoid confusion. Without these two numbers, it is easier to determine the size of a pocket given that the numbers are extremely tiny.

Who can apply for chase credit?

Basically, everyone who works and is able to probe that they have a regular income. If they dont, they probabily wont get it. Anyway, it is worth trying!

What is space probe?

Space probe is a station.

What do space probes explore in space?

Space probes explore space for a quite obvious reason; they are SPACE probes. They probe space.

Which moon of Saturn's have we landed a space probe on?

Titan, by the Huygens Probe, which was part of the Cassini-Huygens Probe.

What are Probe owners clubs?

I would think a Probe owners club is for owners of Ford Probe cars.

What is another word for space probe?

SatelliteSpacesatelliteGeo ProbeInterplanetary explorerExploration probe

How can you tell if a diamond is real?

Ask a jewelerTake your stone to a local jeweler who can use a probe to determine whether or not what you have is a real diamond.hit it with a hammer. if it doesnt break, its diamond

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