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Could a car not starting up have something to do with the transmission?

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THE netural Saftey Switch could B bad .

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Can a bad transmission keep the car from starting?

No. The engine starts the car.

Why wont my 1997 Ford Taurus wont go in reverse or start in drive?

For the Reverse problem, you could have low transmission fluid, or a bad transmission. For starting in drive, just about every modern car will not start when the transmission is in gear. They will only start in Park or Neutral. This is a safety feature to prevent the car from taking off into someone or something when started.

My 97 Taurus gear shifter will move but not shift into any gear after starting the car?

There could be two reasons for this. The first is the transmission is completely out and the second is the linkage in the transmission is broken.

Would the automatic transmission not working stop the car from starting?


What are the D D3 D2 D1 in the automatic transmission of a car?

Something that will destroy your car Jk it will allow you to get full power through each gear if you shift up starting from 1 #smooth -Wasaab

What nice birthday message could you write on your friends birthday car?

try starting with Happy Birthday (but your friend might not be happy if you wrote something on their car)

What does it men when an automatic car jerks in to fourth gear?

When an automatic car jerks into fourth gear it could be the transmission. You may need transmission fluid or a new transmission. A licensed mechanic can check the car.

Chrysler 300 and it has a transmission leak and your car has trouble starting at times is that because of the leak?

NO. Your transmission leak has nothing to do with hard starting. Have you replaced the spark plugs & plug wires?

Is the howling noise coming from my car at 35mph coming from the transmission or wheels?

I suggest you check to see if the transmission fuild is low or take your car to the dealer to see if something is wrong with the cars wheels or the transmission.

Transmission fluid leaking after rock hit bottom of car?

Transmission fluid leaked out of car very fast. After hitting large rock. Could it be the transmission pan is broke? That is a possibility

Can a car transmission be repaired?

A transmission can be taken apart and rebuilt. Several factors could depend on whether the transmission has failed though. It could be as simple as needing more fluid.

Is it illegal to install a remote starter on a manual transmission?

im pretty sure it is. because if you leave your car in 1st then you could risk ramming it into something in front of you.

Your 96 Lincoln Continental does not reverse how can you fix it and what is the problem?

first check your oils in your car and if all is well your transmission could be burnt or something is not catching when you gear.

What gear should the selector lever be in when starting an automatic transmission?

Usually either Park (P) or Neutral (N). Pretty much any car will only crank in those gears, and even if the car could crank in other gears it would probably damage or destroy the transmission

Why does my reverse just grind when i shift in to reverse?

This is a manual transmission car, I presume. If it's an auto, you have a big problem! Grinding could mean that something inside the transmission is failing. Or it could mean that your transmission fluid is low. OR, it could mean that your clutch is worn or is out of adjustment. Grinding usually means that the clutch is not disengaging properly when you push the clutch pedal, or perhaps, a synchronizer has failed. Whatever the case, If I were you, I'd get the car to my mechanic and have her looked at.

Could car shake because of transmission?

A car can shake because of a problem in the transmission although this usually is not the problem. I will assume it shakes while it is idling or just starting out. It can also shake due to broken motor or transmission mount(s), bad u joints, a loose harmonic balancer, an unbalanced driveshaft or problems in the rear differential.

Why does the car stutter when driving in a 2005 dodge stratus?

Could be the transmission!!!!

Symptoms of low transmission fluid?

your car could be Slipping in and out of gear.

What kind of red liquid could be leaking of out my car?

Red liquid is usually transmission fluid. transmission fluid

What does it mean if your car won't go into reverse?

There may be something wrong with the transmission or the linkage.

Can spark plugs keep your car from starting?

Unless your car is a diesel, they can certainly keep your car from starting if they're missing. They can also become fouled or badly worn, which, again, could keep your car from starting.

Where does transmission fluid leak from?

Transmission fluid can leak from many places. It could leak from the actual transmission itself, or any of the tubing that goes from the transmission to other parts of the car.

Name something found in your car starting with the letter w?

How about the Windshield.

Transmission fluid up but car wont move?

If the transmission has electronic controls, then a module could be bad. If not, then the transmission could need a rebuild. If it is a front wheel drive, check the cv joints for damage.

What does it men when an automatic car jerks in to fourth gear-?

If a car jerks into fourth gear, the transmission may be slipping. The car could also need transmission fluid. A licensed mechanic can help with more information.