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If the transmission has a vacuum modulator you may have connected the wrong vacuum line from the carb. Otherwise, check the downshift linkage connected to the accellerator. After you've done those things, if it's still having problems, ask again. or vaccume leak

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Q: Could a faulty carb cause a newly rebuilt tranny to downshift from third to second then shift into third again randomly at even speeds of about 50 mph?
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It MAY be related to the "downshift" linkage. Some vehicles use a linkage between the throttle body/carburater and the transmission. If the downshift linkage is adjusted wrong you could have the problem you are describing. On the other hand, if it's a computer controlled transmission, it could just be a sensor. But yes, it could also be a transmission problem.Have the transmission serviced. Complete fluid change and new filter. If that doesn't help, then take it to a professional.AnswerAnswer to my own question. I changed fluids, there were large broken pieces of metal in the pan. Took it to a shop, and there is no second gear, it was shifting from first to third. Victoria Transmission would rebuild one from old parts ($800) or a new rebuilt ($1300) and $500 to install or $100 from PicknPull and take a chance.

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