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Could a football goalkeeper put the ball against a player's hand and call it a hand ball?

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No. The ball must be handled deliberately for there to be an infraction.

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Are soccer players in better shape than football players?

An American football player could never sprint for 90+ minutes non-stop, because every play in football only lasts 5 to 20 seconds from the moment of the snap to the moment the drive ends. So, yes real Football players are in better shape than American Football players.

Describe how different rules of one sport prvent injury or illness and help maintain player safety?

For Football (i am an experienced footballer) Some Rules Such as the 1.) The High Foot Rule= This rule is for the safety of players because alot of players have been injured from people being kicked in the face and bones being dislocated or broken 2.)Shin guard Rule= are required in Soccer Wearing shin guards protects your legs when other players kick you. They absorb some of the blow and can prevent leg bruises or contusions. 3.)Goal Keeper Rule: Players Are Not Allowed to Touch the goal keeper because when goalkeepers go for the ball they have to reach out. especially if the ball is rolling the goalkeeper has to get his hands onto it but the player could kick the ball which could hit the goalkeeper at blank range and also the studs could hit the goalkeeper. There is alot of other rules but they are some of the basics. Hope it solves some of your question.

Who are the french football players?

I Could Tell You The Forwards - Therry Henry - Ribery - Zidane

What were original football rules?

No offsides. Players could backpass to the keeper. No substitutions were allowed.

What famous baseball player wears number 45?

there could be baseball players that are number 45 and soccer players that are number 45 and football players that are number 45.

Is it against the rules of football not to call a name in a game of football?

It isn't against the rules but it would be offensive and could result in a yellow or in extreme cases a red card.

How many players playing in basketball team?

he had 9 players on each side so they could play against one another

Why does stress affect football players?

Stress effects football players in many ways it doesn't make them want to join, hard time focusing so it leads to madness Or it could b sexual stress

Who is Greece's top footballer?

It could be their former goalkeeper or Koryagoniss.

What happens if a goalie is red carded in soccer?

The goalkeeper has to leave and the team is reduced by one player. The team needs to have a goalkeeper, so then what happens is that another player goes into goal to be the goalkeeper. It could be an outfield player, but the normal thing is to substitute an outfield player with the substitute goalkeeper.

Why do football players need good reaction time?

Because the ball could be passed to them at any second and they need to be prepared!

Why are foreign players better than English players?

Because most foreign players have ave much more of a hunger to succeed in football ,one reason could be that they come from poor family backgrounds (eg. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi) ,so they need football in order to lead a better a life.

Why are there no homegrown Asian players in the premiership?

This isbecause Asian players have not yet been given the chance to get into football. Asian players prefer to play other sports such as cricket that are more suited to there cultures. Chelsea Football Club are running an initiative that gets Asian players involved with football at a high level. They are doing this by running trials of Asian players where 3 will be taken on trial with the youth squad over the summer. This could influence other Asians to get involved with sport as they realise that is possible for them to get to the top level of the sport.

Why is a college football field 52 yards wide?

I think that that was the biggest they could build it, so that the players wouldn't get tired running.

Who is America's richest footballer?

IT could be Bret Freddel The goalkeeper for Aston Villa.

What is the Value of a 1976 Autographed by the team Cleveland Brown's Football?

What is the Value of a 1976 Cleveland Brown Team Football and signed by all the players and coach? and where could I Market or sell the ball? Thanks.

What is the current line-up of the Bristol Football Team?

There are two major football teams in Bristol, Bristol City and Bristol Rovers. The line-ups depend entirely on which players the manager chooses to play. The players could vary due to injuries or current form.

Why was hockey created?

Hockey was created so that the McGill University (Montreal, Canada) football players could stay in shape over the Winter.

During a soccer game what will the players experience?

I actually think that only a true football player could answer that question, because its quite an experience

How has Football changed since it first was played until present day?

Well over time new rules come into play in football. for example the offside rule wasn't used originally. for the first time in around 1992 players could not "pass" the ball back to the goalkeepers they could only header or chest it back to the goalkeeper (if the goalkeeper wishes to pick the ball up). tackles from behind have been totally cracked down on as playes tended to go right though an opponent resulting in a series of leg injuries. the goalkeeper "four step" rule was obolished and they are now free to roam the area with the ball in hand for six seconds. players taking their jersey off after celebrating a goal will be yellow carded now...this was introduced as players revealed messages on a T-shirt under their jersey sometimes political, they are basically all the modern rules that did not used to happen *The goals also used to be just two poles near each other, and to score you just had to get it between them at any height. Then they put in a crossbar (to make it harder to score) and nets (so you know whether it went in or not).

Could you name famous Football player a-z?

There have been hundreds of famous football players throughout the years. Some of them are Brett Favre, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and John Elway.

How can i play college football at 5 foot 5?

You could be a running back or a defensive back, usually the shorter players play those positions in football.

What does cat mean in soccer?

The likely answer relates to the position of the goalkeeper. A goalkeeper with quick instincts who can pull off point blank saves could be said to reflect like a cat. The most famous example of this is Lev Yashin who was a goalkeeper for Russia and Dynamo Moscow between 1950 and 1970. He is thought by many to be the greatest goalkeeper to ever play the game and is the only goalkeeper to have won the much coveted European Footballer of the year in 1963.

Why would you need balance in football?

so you could hold off players when your one-one and mostly everything in a football game you have to have good balance examples: going for a header, about to have a shot you most be balanced because you would like to hit the ball prefect at Pierre who's the goalkeeper and Pierre is a legend at football no man can beat him in goal his so good he would leave chicken behind you so SNM hold tight my Man dem's and my gyal dem's Wag1 lads yes its me you fat cow lol joking :P. If you like me 079 me

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