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No, it would be impossible for this to occur.

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As long as the ejaculate did not come in contact with your vagina, you will not have a chance of pregnancy.

ONLY if a male had very recently ejaculated on the seat and you humped that same spot.

It is not a problem, don't worry about it. Any small amount that might possibly have got into a crack will quickly die and dry up. Even if it was fresh and a female were to come into contact with it, she can not get pregnant from it.

No, a woman cannot get pregnant from a toilet brush. Pregnancy can only occur when an egg joins with sperm.

You will feel the ejaculation when it happens unless you were very caught up in your own orgasm. After sex if you sit on the toilet and observe your vagina you will clearly see excess sperm [whitish] dripping out of the vagina.

it can't inside the toilet but it can on the sides.

maybe if that happends vist the docter or the hostpital right away ! you could be pregnant with out knowing and then you might give birth in the car,floor,toilet,bathtub or somewhere outside or inside.

check that the toilet stopper has been switched on and check that the strainer inside the toilet inlet is clear of debris

No. Sperm die when exposed to air, but you can get yeast infections and other things in a public toilet.

The sperm can escape and she can get pregnant. She can straddle a toilet and reach and remove the condom. If she can't reach a doctor can remove with a forcept.

Try covering the toilet bowl with cling film, nice and tight so at a glance it car'nt be seen, then wait to see who gets splashed first.

Usually toilet flange is glued down onto plastic drain pipe. There is a toilet flange that can be glued inside of plastic drain pipe also.

Plant cell deposit their waste inside the vacuole same as for us pooping in Toilet.

NO! Urine comes out of a completely different hole that that sperm goes up. That's why people can wee when they have a tampon in

No. Either snake the toilet and get it back, force it down or take the toilet up and get it that way.

Because it is inside you and it comes out of you when you sit on the toilet.

The same way as you and me (only they are inside their toilet instead of out).

because the chemical inside it is called toilet.

A ambulant toilet is a toilet that is accessible to those that are disabled. These toilets are mandatory in many stores and businesses. They include support rails and are inside of larger stalls then regular toilets are.

NO! This is like the other ridiculous myth that you can get pregnant from sitting on a toilet seat. These misconceptions just spawn from people's general lack of knowledge on how sex and the human body work. The sperm in a man's semen needs to actually make it all the way into a woman's fillopian tube, where it meets the egg half way from the ovary and fertilizes it there. Then, if you know how pregnancy works, the fertilized egg travels into the uterus where it nestles into the uterian wall and starts growing. Maybe you should look up a diagram of the female body to understand better where all these things are. Sperm is incredibly tiny and is VERY UNLIKELY to make it all the way into a woman's uterus (let alone impregnate her) without being ejaculated inside the body. In fact, sometimes even when the sperm IS ejaculated inside the female body, the woman in question might not get pregnant even then. Find a good website to learn more about sex and conception.

Toilet flanges OUTSIDE of the pipe including cast iron and brass to lead

Becareful if they are chewing the toilet training pads! The gel inside them will get in their belly and absorbs their moisture and can kill them!

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