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Could a grizzly bear kill a polar bear?


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No. The polar bear is larger and a more beastly killer than a grizzly bear.

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If a pack of wolves can kill a grizzly then it can kill a polar bear!!!

A gorilla would not stand a chance against a polar bear, especially when the polar bear is attacking the gorilla. The gorilla cannot beat a grizzly bear, so it could not kill a polar bear.

No, a mountain lion could not kill an adult grizzly bear.

Rhino, Elephant, Hippopotamus, large silverback gorilla, grizzly bear, polar bear, kodiak bear, bull, and crocodile can kill a lion.

No, because a bear is too powerful for a single wolf to kill, but a pack of wolves could kill a grizzly bear.

Grizzly bears and walruses never meet because grizzly bears and walruses live in different environments. If they met each other, the grizzly bear would have a better chance against a young or an injured walrus seperate from other walruses. For a polar bear, the polar bear would definitely kill the walrus on ice.

The tusks of the walrus could kill the bear, but if the polar bear can get past the tusks it could kill the walrus.

Lions cannot kill grizzly bears easily, so it will have more trouble with the polar bear. Yes. A lion can even kill two polar bears. Three polar bears can take down a lion.

There is much debate over the polar bear or the grizzly bear is the most dangerous, certainly the Grizzly Bear is more aggressive so that makes it most likely to attack and kill someone.

Well it's not uncommon for a grizzly bear to prey on a small bison cow or a young calf, that's for sure. So yes, I guess you could say that a grizzly bear could kill a bison.

A crocodile could be killed by an elephant, rhinoceros, hippo, tiger, lion, grizzly bear, polar bear, a bison, a large anaconda, and a poacher.

Grizzly bears, which are a brown bear subspecies, rarely weigh more than 800 pounds, and would have a tough time with a 1200 pound polar bear. That being said, there exists video of grizzlies dominating polar bears at garbage dumps.The larger Kodiak brown bear, which can be as big or bigger than the polar bear, would defeat the more timid polar bear.

The polar bear. Polar bears are much more larger and stronger than grizzly bears, and grizzly bears are bigger and stronger than black bears.I think the black bear even though it wasn't much of a predator.Answer 2:The polar bear would definitely win the fight because the polar bear can even kill a brown bear.

Definitely. A polar bear is much bigger and stronger than a grizzly bear, when it has sharper claws, stronger jaws, and is a better killer.Large male polar bears are larger than male grizzlies. However, since the grizzly is a race of the brown bear, which has specimens as large as polar bears, it's hard to say. The race called grizzly bear is somewhat smaller than the coastal race called Kodiak bear. There exists video of a grizzly bear driving polar bears away from a garbage dump.

A grizzly bear, a crocodile, a rhinoceros, an elephant, a hippo, a large enough gorilla, a bull, a polar bear, a kodiak bear, a poacher armed with a gun or a knife, and a hippo.

No. A grizzly bear is more likely to kill a black bear if they cross paths than a black bear killing a grizzly. A male black bear may kill young grizzly cubs if he comes across them, and the same if a grizzly comes across black bear cubs, but a black bear is no match to a grizzly.

A very large pack of wolves could kill a single Grizzly bear

I think it can if it is huge and the grizzly bear is in the water.

A grizzly bear would kill a black bear. The grizzly bear has so much more power, with just one swing with it's arm, it could break a bone. So, a grizzly bear would win.

yes it can kill a polar bear they grrrrrrrrate

Yes they can kill a grizzly bear. I think they can kill it because its on your property i guess

We will never know because lions and grizzly bears do not even live on the same continent.

yes a gorilla is very smart and not to mention is the strongest primate on earth and could easily kill a grizzly bear

Well lets say a Grizzly Bear against a giant green anaconda then it would go to the bear as long as the bear could see it. Same with the Black Bear. A sun bear,Panda Bear,Or spectacled bear would loose no doubt and the polar bear would kill the anaconda in seconds. In the water a large enough anaconda would be able to kill a brown bear or black bear if it could ambush. The anaconda would be no match for a polar bear.

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