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Yes if it poses a property damage or liability threat. But, they should have sent you notice of intent to cancel if you did not have it removed in a set period of time. You must remove it now as you will have great difficulty obtaining coverage going forward. 4lifeguild

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Q: Could a homeowners insurance company cancel your policy for having a dead tree on your property?
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Can an insurance company cancel homeowners if foundation needs some resurfacing?


Can a mortgage bank or company cancel your homeowners insurance with a private company?

What do you mean "private company" If you have HO insurance the bank can not canel it. Only you can.

Is it illegal for a homeowners insurance company to drop you?

No, it is not illegal for a homeowners insurance company to drop you. But they have to follow the rules for cancellations and non-renewals for the state they are operating in. For example, in Louisiana, if you have been with your homeowners insurance company for 3 years, they can't drop you. In Florida your homeowners insurance company can drop or cancel you but they must meet the minimum notification timeframes.

Can any insurance company cancel your policy because of necessary roof repairs?

Sure. If you do not maintain the property you can expect any insurance company to cancel your policy. Maintenance is not covered by a homeowners insurance policy but lack of proper maintenance is a definite cause for cancellation. They do not want to insure a property that is not kept up. The term insurance companies use is pride of ownership. This shows that the owner cares about and for the property. If the roof already needs replacing the next time a small storms comes also comes a claim for a roof that should have already been replaced.

Do you get a refund if you cancel homeowners insurance?

Yes, if you cancel your home insurance policy mid term you would be entitled to the unearned portion of your premium payments.

Can an insurance company cancel your homeowners insurance if you refuse to install exterior stair rails?

As long as the contract itself has no specifically stated agreement that shows coverage is unconditional, then, as long as they give proper notice, an insurance company can cancel ANY insurance policy for ANY reason. Of course, if you disagree with the decision, you can always consult an attorney and go from there

Are rental homes protected under homeowners insurance policies?

No. In the united States, Homeowners Insurance polices are Null and Void at the moment your home is rented unless you have had the policy endorsed for rental property coverage. This is often referred to as "Landlords Insurance" and requires a different policy form known a "Dwelling Policy". Most Insurers will simply cancel the old Homeowners policy and issue a new "Dwelling Policy" form to cover you as this is the appropriate policy form. Your landlord's insurance policy, or "Dwelling Policy" will cover your rented home. It is certainly possible to have property and liability insurance on a rented property but not on a traditional homeowners Insurance policy form.

Can a insurance company cancel your insurance because you do not live in your home?

Yes, The terms of our Homeowners Insurance Policy state that we must notify the insurance company if there is a change in residence of the home. Failure to comply with the terms of the insuring contract are grounds for cancellation or non-renewal of the policy.

Can you get a refund on homeowners insurance if you no longer own the property?

You may cancel a policy of any kind whenever you like and you will receive a refund on the unearned premium. If you don't own the property any longer, you certainly can cancel the policy. Make sure your agent cancels as of the day after you sold the property.

Can i cancel flood insurance if i have a mortgage?

If your property is in a flood plain or your mortgagor requires flood insurance, no, you cannot cancel flood insurance.

How can you get a refund when your mortgage company and you both pay for homeowners?

Yes and it happens quite often. Usually when you let you Homeowners insurance cancel or change companies and fail to notify your insurance company to send a copy to the mortgagee. If the mortgagee does not have proof that you have insurance and have them listed on such insurance, they will place "force-placed" coverage on the property to protect themselves and they will charge you for this coverage. As long as you get them notified and proof quickly, they will cancel their policy and refund you the premium. Make sure you know that the coverage they purchase on your behalf only covers them and covers no contents of yours, no liability coverage, and only covers the bare minimum coverage. And it is usually more expensive than homeowners you buy on your own. When you get a mortgage on your home your agreement is that you keep insurance on the home. If you let it cancel or don't have such insurance you are in breech of contract and they could foreclose on your home or put this coverage on it, their choice.

How to cancel my progressive policy?

If you ask your insurance company to cancel your policy, they will.

Is your homeowners insurance automatically cancelled at closing when you sell your house or do you have to contact your insurance company to cancel it?

By Law,, Your Coverage, ceases automatically when you sell your home. The Insurance company however will not know your home has been sold right away unless you notify them right away. Should they find at a later date that the sale ocurred they will cancel the policy or non-renew it.

When do you cancel your homeowners insurance?

Generally one would cancel a home insurance policy whenever one decides they no longer need it, such as sold the home or the home no longer exists, etc.

I sold my house and my insurance company refuses to cancel my homeowners insurance unless I supply them with a settlement closing statement I live in Florida Is this the law?

If your home is/was mortgaged - the insurance MUST be in effect as protection to the mortgage holder. The insurance company is just making sure that you are not cancelling what is MANDATORY coverage to save yourself some money.

How does the policy get canceled?

Lack of payment or too many collisions the insurance company has to pay for. If you want to cancel your auto insurance policy to go with another company, call your insurance company and tell them you want to cancel your insurance but be ready for them to try to persuade you to stay.

Can Allstate cancel your homeowners insurance because the foundation of your dwelling is not continuous?

Yes, If the condition of your home or any of it's pertinent structures does not meet the Insurance Company's underwriting guidelines they can deny or cancel a policy.

Can you cancel motorcycle insurance if you sell motorcycle?

Sure, you can. The insurance company should pay you a pro-rated refund after you cancel the policy.

How much will your insurance go up if you get a trampoline?

Most likely it will not go up at all. This is because the Insurance company generally will just cancel the policy as soon as they discover you have a trampoline on the property.

Does homeowners insurance cover an insect infestation if it was caused by a previous owner?

No, Homeowners insurance does not cover insect infestation nor preexisting damage to a home. Home insurance is for sudden accidental losses, not for home maintenance. This is a home maintenance issue and what an exterminator service is for. Part of any home maintenance plan should include an annual inspection by your chosen exterminator service company. Failure to maintain your home can be a reason for an insurance company to cancel or non-renew your home insurance policy.

Is homeowners coverage liable for injuries to guests on trampolines?

Bear in mind that most companies strictly prohibit coverage for homeowners who have a Trampoline. Generally when the Home Insurance Company discovers that you own a Trampoline they cancel your policy. whether an injury has occurred or not. If you have homeowners liability coverage, and you do not have a trampoline exclusion, then yes, liability would cover non-household members. Be prepared though to have your insurance cancelled.

I had a house fire last year and my insurance company dropped me after the claim Can my girlfriend purchase a homeowners insurance policy and claim that she has never had a canceled policy?

She can buy a new policy all day long and claim she had never had a policy cancel if: 1. She is the only person on the deed to the house. 2. She never had a policy cancel.

Do you have to agree with the insurance company raising your coverage without your consent?

You don't have to agree but they will cancel the policy. Most homeowners policies include a replacement cost coverage to the structure so they want it to be insure properly.

Can home owners insurance fine you for not mowing your grass?

No, An insurance company will not fine you for failing to maintain your property. They can however cancel your insurance coverage or go up on your premium rate if they perceive an increased hazard or risk of loss due to negligence or a lack of interest in the condition of your home and property.

Can my homeowners insurance company drop my policy if i have a slide on my swimming pool in the state of fl.?

It just depends on the insurance company underwriting guidelines. Some companies will not accept pool risks with a slide, some will not accept diving boards. If it is determined that your risk does not qualify for coverage under the guidelines then they can cancel your policy.

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