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This diet can definitely cause an early period. It has happened to me several times, and then someone said it could be because of the extra iron since menstruation is a build-up of tissue from blood cells. It was very scary the first time it happened, but being overweight is a much greater health threat and I think that for a limited time, this side effect can be tolerated. I wish that more studies could be done on effects from low carb diets, because this is one symptom that isn't discussed in any scientific study as far as I can tell.

AnswerI would think that it is highly unlikely that the Atkins diet could bring on an early period AnswerI know that it sounds crazy, but it happened to me. I have PCOS and I think that the lack of carbohydrates triggers ovulation. This has happened several times.


This has happened to me as well. I had been really low carbing for about a week and used the Ketosis strips to find out if I was really burning fat. Yep! I was happy til two days later when I started my period 2 WEEKS early! I'm not over weight, just wanted to burn some fat around my middle. Due to this difficult side effect, I won't be on Atkins for the long term. It would have been nice to mention this as a possible side effect!


I believe this happened to me, too. I'm 20 years old, very overweight and I have PCOS. I've never had a natural period before, but just a few weeks after I started a low-carb diet I got them.


Thanks Wiki, This has just happened to me 2 weeks + early. In a mild panic hit the other sites mention it at all!

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Q: Could a low-carb diet cause you to get your period early?
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