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I would say most likely not. You should take a pregnancy test if you have been sexually active anytime in the last month.

any kind of sudden change in your diet can make your period stop. stress can also make it stop. the irony is stress over missing your period can actually make a delayed period skip insted of being delayed. Once you rule out the chance of pregnancy or sickness its more than likely stress or a sudden diet change if your periods are usually normalI would worry too much as long as you have it next month. Its also normal to miss one for no reason at all.

YES if your depriveing yourself to much or following the Atkins diet then it will make perfect sense. The Atkins diet is not good for you and it really can hurt your period I recommend stopping the Atkins Diet..

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Low-carb diets, including Atkins, are very healthy and more likely to regulate your menstrual cycles than cause menstrual cycles irregularity or missed periods - low-carb is often used as a treatment of conditions such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, when followed correctly it is beneficial to health.

Low-Carb diets involve reducing carbs and increasing healthy fats in your diet, which is very healthy. Any dietary change can impact on your menstrual cycle, but as long as your diet is healthy it's not a problem. It's more likely that your period is late or skipped due to something else such as hormonal imbalance if you're in your teens, ill health, stress, or possible pregnancy.

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Q: Could a low-carb diet cause you to miss a period?
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Why get white discharge 1 week after missed period?

That normal that discharge your period could be late because your irregular, stress, diet and age which can cause it to not come.

What would cause someone to have a Light period one month and a heavy period the next month?

Your period is always changing and if you do the slightest thing differently, it could change. Stress, different diet, even different exercise can cause your period to change. It's nothing to worry about.

Can sudden change in diet cause an early lighter period?

i have changed my diet in the last 3 days and got an early period can this happen i am on a well balanced healthy diet cutting out alot of sugars

What could be wrong if you are three days late for your menstrual period?

3 days delay in the period is nothing to be worried at all.It could be due to stress, disturbed sleep, change in diet,changes in your working hrs etc etc. Anything can delay a period including stress, change in diet, change in exercise, any change which could cause you stress. Pregnancy may not always be the case for a missed period, however you should test just to be sure (wait a week).

Can the switch to a vegetarian diet make you miss a period?

Not necessarily although sometimes inadequate nutrition (vegetarian or not) can cause one to miss a period.

What would cause you to start your period one week early?

Stress, change in diet, perimenopause Stress!

What can missed period indicate?

stress, anxioty, and or depression can cause you to miss a period. hormone imbalances can also cause you to miss a period. changes in diet and exercise cause miss periods. if you have missed your period you are probably not pregnant, you are probably just stressing your body. see your doctor for more information.

Can a new diet and a lot of stress cause you to miss a period?

Most definitely! A sudden drop in weight or an extreme diet can also cause a woman to miss or alter her period. Stress, too, can cause a missed period. However, see your Health Care Professional if you miss your period and are sexually active - even if you are using birth control. remember, the only sure fire way to prevent pregnancy is to practice abstinence!

Can diet pills make you late on your period?

can diet pils make you late on your period ?

Could a low-carb diet cause you to have two periods in one month?

If you've never had any problems with your cycle before starting this diet, it could well be linked. Changes in your diet, especially a drastic change, can affect your body in a number of ways, and of course, your period can be affected too. Perhaps going back to a balanced diet, and if it doesn't clear, I would most certainly say go and get it checked out by your doctor.

Can poor diet cause depression?

Well, a poor diet can cause constipation, and constipation can cause depression.

What is wrong if you haven't had a period for a month?

If you are sexually active, perhaps you are pregnant? Or it is very possible that stress, changes in diet or activity will cause your period to delay by as much as a month or 2.

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