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You should have fought for sole custody of your children from the beginning. If the mother of the children has had visitation rights and is a fit mother, yes, she can fight you for the rights of partial custody. If she has never taken an interest in the children and never paid a cent towards the upbringing of these children and is an unfit mother then I suggest you seek legal counsel and get sole custody of your children. By doing this you can leave your children with your mother and continue on with the military with peace of mind. I do believe you have legal counsel in the military service too, so why not give it a shot!

Not necessarily. The main objective of the court is what is in the best interest of the child/children. The judge will look at the overall situation, where the child now resides, if it is a stable and nuturing environment, is the child enrolled in school, are there other family members close by, and so on. No judge will remove a child from a caring, secure environment simply because the noncustodial parent wishes it to happen.

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Q: Could a military member whose dependent mother is helping care for two female children lose custody simply because the mother wants physical custody?
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