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There is no need to go into detail as to how your parents passed away. Just put "deceased." If you are underage then use a guardians name or with the permission of a relative use their name.

Lying under oath is a crime. It could result in criminal charges and invalidate the marriage.

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Q: Could a person lie about a parent's death on their own marriage certificate?
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How do you get marriage certificate?

You could get it from the Vital Statistics office.

How do you get a copy of your marriage certificate if you have been married 25 years?

You can get a copy of your marriage certificate from the vital statistics office in the county or city/town where the marriage license was filed. This could be the county clerk or health department. You will have to fill out a form, show id, and pay a nominal fee.

Why would a birth certificate not have my parents names on it?

There are a couple reasons. One make sure it a state certified birth certificate and not a Certificate of birth from the hospital, these usually have your foot prints on them. Two could be an adoption matter. In either case this is a matter that should talk to your parents about.

When was the first marriage certificate given?

It is important to note here that the term 'marriage' has both a spiritual and a legal definition; so it could be argued that the first 'certificate' for marriage was dispensed in the Garden of Eden, or adjusted for one's mythology. Another important note is that one's definition of 'marriage' is not universal, whatever it may be. The first legal marriage certificate is lost to time, of course; but probably occurred as early as the time of Urukagina, predating Hammurabi by 300 years or so. Certificates are mentioned in Babylonian Law. See link for Urukagina.

In the state of Tennessee when a minor applies for a marriage certificate do both parents have to be there or just one?

what you are asking is if both parents have to sign or not. Call your county courthouse and ask them. If both have to sign, you can pick up the form and take it home. If you are pregnant and 16 (the person who asked the other question)_ and only one of your parents will sign, then if TN requires both parents to sign, your Mom could sign your Dad's name, because it's unlikely that your Dad would sue your Mom in a lawsuit for signing his name.

Could a person get a certificate of live birth if they were not born?

If they were not born they would not exist and therefor no.

How do you register my marriage in Tamil Nadu?

I am kabali from tamil nadu, my marriage already finish, now we want registration certificate, could you tell me information. kabali tamil nadu

Can you anull a Catholic marriage if a person is drunk?

If the drunkenness was at the time of the wedding, and it made it so the person did not realize what he was doing in the vows or made it so the person did not consent to the marriage, that would probably render the marriage invalid from the very beginning, in which case there could be an annulment.

When you adopt someone can you get a birth certificate made?

This is a vital question. In New Zealand for example, two people merging their families, by formal adoption after their new marriage, may no longer be able to request the birth certificates of the children, because the new parents are not the birth parents! (After adoption.)This could affect the children's ability to claim citizenship via a parental trail.In the case known, the new partners knew of this klutz, and obtained the childrens birth certificates before the new marriage, and the subsequent adoptions proceeded OK.So get the birth certificate before adoption.

Will California recognize a common law marriage from another US state?

Yes, if the marriage is considered legal in the state in which it was made, all other US states grant the same right. What legal proof could I provide my employer in stead of a marriage certificate?

Why did states in the past require blood testing before marriage?

I know one reason in Illinois was to test for syphilis in either person. The marriage could not go on until the person had been treated.

hat would someone do if their parents gave birth to a kid, outside of a hospital, and just abandoned the baby, and somehow managed to live, how would that person get a birth certificate if they have absolutely no proof of being born or anything like that?

they could do a dna test and find out who is the parent

What are the procedure to get the Indian marriage certificate under special marriage act?

From the date of application, one month is the standard notice period valid upto 3 months, within which the registration should take place before the Registrar / Sub Registrar / Marriage Officer In-Charge. A Stamp Paper valued not less than Rs 20/- has to be submitted for the certificate. The presence of atleast one of the three witnesses who were present at the time of application, is appreciated at the time of registration. Relatives other than parents can be witnesses. Witnesses should be educated so that they could read and write. After registration, can collect the certificate from registrar office. Make sure that the supporting document details are the same in the certificate copy before obtaining the printout of the original on the provided stamp paper.

If parents shared joint custody and only one parent needed to consent for a minor child to marry could the non consenting parent contest the marriage after it has occurred?

No. If the marriage was legally conducted and the license legally obtained, the other parent can't change it. The key word being "if" a legal marriage occurred. When parents share joint legal custody it means that both parents have the right to make or contest decisions concerning the minor child's welfare. Under such circumstances, a minor child could not be legally married without both parents giving consent to the marriage. If a marriage did occur under such circumstances the non consenting parent would have grounds to contest the act.

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Does lying about your age invalidates marriage license?

If you are a minor it could cause a problem and a way to annul the marriage.If you are a minor it could cause a problem and a way to annul the marriage.If you are a minor it could cause a problem and a way to annul the marriage.If you are a minor it could cause a problem and a way to annul the marriage.

What are the consequences of lying on a marriage certificate specifically if you are divorced but don't want anyone to know for marriage 2 can you lie and say you were never married before?

Each state has different marriage laws so you should check with your specific State and County, but here in California marriage licenses are sworn to by the bride and groom under penalty of perjury. Since a marriage license is a recordable document (like a birth certificate or deed to a house), providing false information could be prosecuted. However, the question is whether or not someone will call attention to the matter and challenge the validity of the information on the document; false information could also boomerang in other ways.

Can two teens still date when their parents start dating each other?

Depends. If your parent seems serious about it, it could end up in marriage (I said could, don't get your hopes up yet!) but really, the only time you could stop dating that girl is if your parents get married.

Does a prenuptial agreement follow you with the second marriage to the same person?

No. A prenuptial agreement is good ONLY for the nuptials (marriage) in the agreement. Once you divorce, the nuptials (marriage) in question have come to an end. Even if you marry the same person a second time, that is considered NEW nuptials (new marriage) and would require a new prenuptial agreement. Or you could marry the person WITHOUT a prenup the second time. It is up to the participants.

How does a US citizen renew their birth certificate?

I don.t think you could renew your birth certificate, but may be get a replacement certificate.

Can you sue a person below 18 years of age for his negligence?

You can sue the parents (or if you are minor your parents could sue the minor's parents.) However, depending on the circumstances and if there is absolute proof it will be up to the courts as to whether the person suing will win and get a settlement.

What could the cops do if your parents turn you in for underage smoking cigarettes?

Basically, the person who sold you the cigarettes could be in greater trouble than you.

Can you use your birth certificate to get into clubs?

No. There is no photo on the birth certificate. It could belong to anyone.

What were his parents like?

His parents could be like any other person's parents. His parents could be very sweet or they could be abusive.

How do you remove your ex's name from your child's birth certificate and put the biological father's name on it in Alabama?

In approximately 22 States and the Northern Mariana Islands, a man may be presumed to be the father of a child in any of the following circumstances:He and the child's mother are or were married to each other, and the child is born during the marriage or within 300 days after the marriage ended.Before the birth of the child, he and the child's mother attempted to marry, and the marriage is or could be declared invalid, and the child is born during the marriage or within 300 days after the marriage is terminated.With his consent, he is listed as the father on the child's birth certificate.He has acknowledged his paternity in writing.He is obligated to support the child, either by voluntary agreement or court order.While the child is a minor, he has resided with the child and openly claimed the child as his biological child.Alabama is one of the 22 states, and as such, the person listed in the presumed father of the child, thus the certificate cannot be changed