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Yes it can, especially if it is on or near the sciatic nerve.

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Q: Could a small quarter-sized lump on your back about an inch to the right of the spine cause back spasms leg numbness and sciatic pain?
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What causes tingling sensation in right leg?

It would depend on where on your leg the tingling is. Also, is there any numbness in the same area. If the tingling and possibly numbness is on the back of your leg, anywhere from your butt, back of the thighs, behind your knee or in the calf, it could be a pinched sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve can cause pain, numbness and or tingling on the back of your leg.

How is a sciatic nerve problem diagnosed as the cause of tingling and numbness in the feet?

The best way to determine if any kind of symptom is related to any kind of problem or disease is to consult a doctor. Tingling and numbness can be related to a sciatic nerve problem, but it could also mean many other problems or diseases.

What is causing numbness in right butt leg and foot?

Sounds like it could be sciatica - the sciatic nerve gets compressed between discs, and sends pain, tingling or numbness down through the bum and leg on one side.

What may cause numbness in your right side of head while sitting down?

It could your sciatic nerve or a pinched nerve in your back. You should see your doctor and then possibly a Chiropractor.

Could you have esophageal spasms at night when you are sleeping?

Yes, you could esophageal spasms at night while sleeping.

What could be the cause of left hand numbness?

what is the cause of fingers and hand numbness?

What are the symptoms of sciatic nerve pain and what can you do to make it go away?

Symptoms of sciatic nerve pain could consist of lower back pain, along with numbness or tingling in your leg or foot. To help with this, you could apply an ice pack to the sore area or a hot pack. Soaking in warm water can help to loosen a tight muscle. You may also want to try some stretching exercises. If none of these techniques work, consult your physician.

What causes left leg and foot numbness?

There are many causes of left leg and foot numbness. This numbness could come from a stroke or unnecessary pressure.

Could shoulder pain cause numbness in cheek?

it could

What causes numbness in the jaw?

I have occasional twitching/numbness of left jaw - doesn't hurt - what could cause this?

I had numbness in my Legg and then everything turned black for a second what could that be a symptom of?

If you are experiencing short spurts of numbness in your legs it could be falling asleep, you could have bad circulation, or it could be symptoms of neuropathy.

What is the numbness in your feet?

The numbness in your feet could be a sign of a serious medical condition. People with diabetes and fibromyalgia usually experience numbness in their feet and in their hands. Or prolapse of the discs between L4-5 can cause numbness in the feet.

What would cause numbness in left second toe?

Many things could cause numbness in the left second toe. It could be infection, inflammation, or trauma. If numbness persists for more than a few days, seek a physician's help.

Could vibration from riding bike be responsible for numbness in fingertips?

The vibration from riding a bike could be responsible for numbness in the fingertips. One reason could be the jarring of the spine, resulting in nerve compression.

Does a light numbness in one side of the body could be related to a height blood pressure?

Yes, it could be a mild stroke. You need to get to an emergency room when you have numbness like that.

Foot and hand numbness?

you would need to be more specific. The numbness could be due to the way you are sitting, or it could be due to stenosis in the blood vessels supplying your limbs.

What could be the underlying cause for back spasms?

There are a few underlying causes for back spasms. It could be caused by stress, a strain, sciatica, a pulled muscle, over exertion and lack of physical activity.

What causes pain on right side of back below waist?

Could be sciatic nerve.

What causes numbness to the head My boyfriend has been feeling numbness on his head. Like the other night it went through his hole body. He was out of it he could hear me?

What causes numbness to the head My boyfriend has been feeling numbness on his head. Like the other night it went thru his hole body. He was out of it he could hear me?

What causes Sciatic pain?

There are many causes of sciatic pain. Studies show one of the causes for sciatic pain is spondylolisthesis. Sometimes this severe pain is also caused by Spinal Stenosis and is mostly accompanies by sever pain and sensation. Also, tumors, infections etc can also lead to sciatic pain. Injury could also lead to developing of pain in the lower back.

Shoulder pain and numbness in index finger?

Shoulder pain and numbness in the index finger could be a sign of a pinched nerve in the neck. It could also be a symptom of a herniated disc.

Shoulder pain with numbness in finger and thumb?

Shoulder pain with numbness in a finger and thumb could indicate a pinched nerve. The pinched nerve could be located in the upper back.

What could be causing my leg numbness?

If you are experiencing leg numbness for a prolonged period of time you should speak to your doctor. You could be having issues with your nerves and the doctor should be notified of this.

What is the Cause of stomach spasms?

Stomach spasms could be a serious of problems due to your digestional system. These might be due to ulcers, or hernia. See a physican for advise

What could cause numbness in the outside of the thigh?

meralgia paresthesia