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no, trac lights have to do with traction control, this is part of the A.B.S system, what are the codes that are stored, you could check the connector for corrosion or loosness but I need more info to help.

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2015-07-15 20:03:24
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Q: Could a speed sensor connection just be loose causing a trac light flash plus check engine code?
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Why cressida1989 engine knocking at 1500rpm to 3000rpm?

Could be the EGR valve not opening and causing the engine to detonate/ping due to excessive engine combustion chamber temperature or knock sensor not retarding timing. And could be engine bearings.

What are symptoms of bad oil sensor?

A bad oil sensor can cause the oil light to come on while pressure is still ok. The sensor could also confuse the computer, causing it to send wrong information to the engine.

Dodge spirit code 22?

22- Coolant sensor signal out of range. It might have been disconnected by accident for some reason or could be a bad sensor... Its the sensor that's screwed into the engine block with a 1 wire connection.

Your Chevy s10 wont start it turns over but doesn't fire you just a snow storm and it is all gone now what is wrong?

Check the Chevy S10s crankshaft position sensor. The sensor is located low on the engine, and the snow could have gotten the connection damp. The engine will not start when the sensor does not operate.

Are there sensors that would cause a 1997 dodge stratus to not start?

Yes, just about any sensor on the engine could cause a no start.Yes, just about any sensor on the engine could cause a no start.

Will a bad knock sensor stop the engine?

It could.

Should the check engine light come on if an O2 sensor is bad?

The oxygen sensor is one of many things that could turn the check engine light on.The oxygen sensor is one of many things that could turn the check engine light on.

What are the affects of a bad o2 sensor on your engine?

A bad O2 sensor could cause the engine to overcompensate for what it believes to be a problem. It will tell the engine to let in more or less O2 and could damage the engine in the long run. The sensor is not too expensive to replace and could save you LOTS of money in the future.

What is knock sensor 1 circuit malfunction bank 1 or 1 sensor mean?

knock sensor is a very sensitive small microphone usually on the engine block or sum times on the cylinder head , it listens for any pre detonation going on in your engine . pre detonation is nasty early combustion you dont want, if you get pre det it causes a pre knock sound which the knock sensor microphone detects. your probly not getting pre detonation but thats what the sensor does 8) "sensor 1 circuit" means the ecu has detected it cannot make connection to the sensor, the sensor could be dead or you could have a wiring issue to the sensor IE chaffed wire, bad connection at the plug ect. Brett

2002 civic si check engine light Code P1298 air fuel Metering How much is this going to cost im guessing this is the mass airflow sensor?

Get the engine code then reask question to get a better answer. The Mass Air Flow sensor could be malfuncting causing bad o2 sensor readings also. Good luck.

Orange engine light mean on Saturn LS300?

The orange engine light means that your Saturn LS300 has a sensor that is signaling for a service. This could be an oxygen sensor, an oil sensor, or even a tire sensor.

What does mean if the knock sensor caused the check engine warning?

your knock sensor could need to be replaced

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