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Could a turtle kill a cat?


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Well, if a snapping turtle got its mouth on a cat's throat, then yes. *Shudder*

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No. It's cruel and you could be reported for doing something like this. Would you paint a dog or a cat??? I actually heard you could kill a turtle or tortoise by painting them, in any event I wouldn't recommend it!

A stoat could kill a cat if it is stronger than the cat. If a stoat has a disease and bites the cat or causes injury, it could kill the cat. Otherwise a cat will usually be able to defend itself from a stoat.

It depends. A house cat wouldn't really be able to kill a snake, but it could. The desert cat of the Sahara eats rattlesnakes.

No, the turtle can injure the cat (think biting through small bones). The cat can kill the turtle. Turtles also can carry salmonella. You can have both as pets, but you will have to keep them separated.

Not really my dog almost ate one hell not a cat can't kill a dog

No a snapping turtle will not eat a cat! So it is impossible!

yes i do believe bleach can kill a turtle

Yes, there are spiders that can kill people, so I assume they could kill cats.

It depends on how vicious your cat is, but most house cats will not eat a turtle.

Obviously a Turtle.. You are stupid

No, you cannot use human medicine for your cat. It could possibly kill your cat if you do.

yes- you could drown in it. watch out !!

If a cat and a raccoon were to fight, the raccoon would put up quite a fight but the cat would most likely win.

Turtle never did kill Sam Westing.

A male platypus could kill a cat. It would have enough venom in its spur to achieve this. A female platypus does not have a venomous spur.

If you are getting your cats and beardie to fight... its really not a good idea. and, if anything, your cat will kill the beardie and the cat will probably have some wounds from your beardie.

None, it could kill them. Never give a cat human medicine.

People would often use boric acid to kill ants. Yes, boric acid could kill a cat as it contains harmful toxins.

a snake can kill a turtle by biting the soft neck and injecting poison

YES! Advil can definitly kill a cat. Tylonal could also kill it. It could kill a dog too. If your cat ate any advil, call the vet right away! You'll probably need at least more than 4-5 tablets. Depends on how much your cat weighs.

it depends. It wont kill your cat just because your cat is fixed. cats usually do not kill one another, but if your cat got to close for his comfort it could turn into an attack. but no. they won't just attack fixed females.

peoples kill Alligator snapping turtle for his skin and bones

first of all don't even try doing that because you could kill the cat.

Yes, it could kill or paralyse the cat.

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