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If they were testing to see if you are pregnant, yes. If they were testing for something else, then no. They can't just look at your urine and see if you are pregnant or not.

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Q: Could a urine test from a doctors appointment show you are pregnant?
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Can you use a pregnant girls pee for your probation urine test?

No, you cannot use a pregnant girl's urine for YOUR probation urine test. If you do, it will be the wrong DNA, the doctors will be confused and if you have a problem, the doctors won't be able to identify it with an incorrect urine sample! You could be endangering yourself!

Could you be pregnant if a urine test keeps coming up negative but you still do not have your period?

Some urine tests aren't very accurate. I would have a blood test done at your doctors. Yes you could be pregnant but see a gynocologist. These are very helpful in this area.

What is wrong when you pregnant and when urinate it burns?

Go leave a sample at the doctors. Might be a urine infection and that is dangerous when pregnant.

If you missed two periods but doctors urine sample was negative could you still be pregnant?

Unlikely. You need to go back to the doctor about the no periods thing though

Could you be pregnant your breasts are NOT tender or sore?

You may not be pregnant , have a urine test.

How doctors are able to test urine to determine pregnancy?

Doctors can look at the hormone levels in your urine and if one or two types of a certain hormone is higher, then the doctor can say that you are more than likely pregnant. :)

Can you still be pregnant if you had a light period and all your test are negative including your doctors urine test and Vaginal ultrasound?

NO. If all are negative believe it. You are not pregnant.

Last week you went to two different doctors for a pragnancy checkup they both found nothing but you still think that you are pregnant could you be pregnant?

first before you become pregnant learn how to spell it , it is very unlikely that you would be pregnant if the urine tests were negative , impossible if the blood tests were negative

Can your doctors tell if you're pregnant when having chlamydia?

Chlamydia does not affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test. A doctor can do a simple urine test to see if a woman with chlamydia is pregnant.

If i took two home tests that came up positive then went to the doctors where i had a blood and urine test come up negative also i was cramping and bled for 6-7 days could i be pregnant?

Jamie Little, again? Doctors know all.

My last menstrual period was 12 weeks ago had sickness for 2 weeks have tender breasts always tired random mood swings negative hpt and inconclusive doctors urine test could you be pregnant?

you are probably pregnant go get checked to be sure

Could blood in your urine mean you are pregnant from intercourse you had just after a menstrual cycle?

blood in urine usually means a UTI.

Can you fake a positive on a pregnancy test?

If you used the urine of a pregnant person you could.

I have had three Positive Urine Pregnancy Tests. Could this mean I am truly pregnant?

yes it could

Can you be 3 months late get negative urine and blood tests and still be pregnant?

My sister in law missed 3 periods, took a total of 10 hpt's, one doctors urine test, and one blood test. All were negtaive. The tests done at the doctors were done at about 2 months in. She was scheduled an ultrasound, she was 6 weeks pregnant!

Im 14 years old and think im pregnant how do you find out?

You find out if your pregnant by buying a pregnancy test in a store or pharmacy. Or you go to the doctors and they take blood or urine to find out.

If i have got a coil the hpt test is positive but the doctors blood test is negative and i have all the symptoms of pregnancy can i still be pregnant?

sometime hpt gives false positive... if you took a doctor's urine pregnancy test and came back negative then ask for a blood test--a blood test will tell you if you are pregnant or not- even if you have low hcg in your urine-and yes you could still pregnant with all the symptoms---best of health

You are 4 days late and have had no spotting you have taken two HPT and one urine test at the doctors all came back negative Could you still be pregnant?

Wait a week and if your period is still late repeat the test.

I spotted for one day and im on the Mirena IUD could i still be pregnant?

it is possible to pregnant with the IUD take a urine test

Why is urine tested?

Urine is tested by doctors if they suspect cystitus or if you are diabetic

When I took a urine test at the doctors office before my missed period and it came back negative now my period is 2 weeks late I 've had slight cramping and my nipples hurt could I still be pregnant?


How are pregnant women with GBS in their urine treated?

Pregnant women with GBS in their urine are treated with penicillin.

Can a urine infection prevent you from getting pregnant?

No a urine infection wont stop you from getting pregnant. Girl sperms sivive in bacetrial urine. Im pregnant and i had a urinw infection.

Could you be pregnant if you have blood in your urine?

No, having blood in your urine means it's time to see the doctor. It has to be some sort of infection; viral or bacterial.=When you're pregnant, you will have spotting in place of your normal menstrual cycle.=

What is your diet lacking if you like the smell of gasoline and nail polish while you are pregnant?

Not sure about the gasoline part but if you have diabetes you can smell of acetone on the breath and urine. Check it at the doctors because it's a serious condition when you are pregnant.