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Could a urine test from a doctors appointment show you are pregnant?


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2015-07-15 18:35:17
2015-07-15 18:35:17

If they were testing to see if you are pregnant, yes. If they were testing for something else, then no. They can't just look at your urine and see if you are pregnant or not.


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No, you cannot use a pregnant girl's urine for YOUR probation urine test. If you do, it will be the wrong DNA, the doctors will be confused and if you have a problem, the doctors won't be able to identify it with an incorrect urine sample! You could be endangering yourself!

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Some urine tests aren't very accurate. I would have a blood test done at your doctors. Yes you could be pregnant but see a gynocologist. These are very helpful in this area.

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Go leave a sample at the doctors. Might be a urine infection and that is dangerous when pregnant.

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Unlikely. You need to go back to the doctor about the no periods thing though

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You may not be pregnant , have a urine test.

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