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YES-IF IT has a vaccume booster & not Hydro or air brakes

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Q: Could a vacuum leak cause a dash brake warning light to come on during acceleration?
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Would a egr valve make your 1994 Pontiac grand am delay on its acceleration?

yes,if the inner vacuum bladder is cracked it could cause a vacuum leak,this could cause a problem at idle also.

Why does your car shake during idle and acceleration?

could be the engine mounts. could because of early detonation, which could be caused by overheating. it also could be a rod knock, which is more likely if it keeps shaking during acceleration and higher rpm's. first thing to check would be if its too hot, watch the temp guage, and make sure it doesnt get too high.

Acceleration stalls for a moment after hard stop?

A vacuum leak can cause this problem. Also an incorrect idle could be the culprit. Check these before looking for possible fuel or firing issues.

What causes rough idle but engine runs good on acceleration?

The year, make, model and engine info would help but in general it could be a vacuum leak or time for a tune up.

How do you spell the plural of vacuum?

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Could you give a sentence with warning?

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Your 1996 civic99civic engine shakes violently only during acceleration and stops when not your rear engine mount has found to be cracked could it be that simple?

definant possibility. with a broken motor mount, the engine will lift up during acceleration thus causing vibration.

What could cause erratic idling and vibration at low speeds and during acceleration on a 2001 Dodge Ram the check engine light is also on?

have u had the check engine light checked for the code? if not take it to auto-zone parts house and they check it free. also check for a vacuum leak

Could you give me a sentence for vacuum?

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What would cause engine to buck during acceleration on a 1999 dodge durango 5.9 L?

Putting in bad fuel can cause theÊengine to buck during acceleration on a 1999 Dodge Durango. There could also be a problem with the fuel filter or dirty spark plugs.

Why is your 1987 supra twin turbo stalling upon acceleration?

Some reasons for stalling on acceleration are a vacuum leak, a failing throttle sensor, or a clogged fuel filter. There could also be a problem with the fuel injectors, or a loose or broken wire in the electrical system, or one of a number of other things.

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