Could a woman be pregnant if she had an intercourse 2 weeks before her period?


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Yes, there is a high chance that she could be pregnant

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== == * 99.5% of the time having a period means you are not pregnant. * Because you had a normal period then its very unlikely you are pregnant.

Did you have your period? If you had your period, the chances are, you are not pregnant. If you have not had your period, then chances are high that you are pregnant. Take a pregnancy test and go to your doctor if you still have questions!

Yes, you could. You can get pregnant anytime before, during or after your period.

Probably not, but it has been known to happen in rare cases.

yes you could get pregnant. But there is only a slight possiblity for this to happen.

If you have intercourse with a woman very near to her period, and you do not use birth control, and she then has her period, it is possible for her to be pregnant. The period she is having is her "old" eggs, and her "new" eggs will be in place and ready for fertalization. Thus, she can become pregnant. If a woman has a period it is almost guaranteed that she is not pregnant. The 'new' egg will not be released for another 2 weeks or so.

If you had intercourse 2 weeks before it is a possibility. Take a test.

Yes if after your period but if seven days before your period you will not become pregnant...

This is unlikely, although it could be possible depending on when you ovulated.

No, you don't have to get your period to get pregnant. Menstruation occurs after ovulation, if the egg is not fertilized. Thus you could get pregnant before you ever start menstruating as you could be fertile before then.

It could be possible,sperm can live in the vagina for about 24 hours or longer. So if you had intercourse before the onset of your period you can possibly get pregnant. yes, because it is possible to ovulate early or at any time.

If you've had unprotected intercourse, yes. Ask your mom so you can take a test. This is not something you want to drag out on and have no options in the end. 11yo have become pregnant before.

if your first period was normal and then your next period was not normal for you then you could have got pregnant between the months

Pregnancy doesn't cause spotting after intercourse. You need to see your doctor for a examination internally.

You can not be pregnant if you are on your period. Sometimes the act of sexual intercourse will trigger your period. For more info go to the link below.

If you have missed your period and are pregnant, you most likely got pregnant around 14 days before your missed period.

If you have had sexual intercourse with someone, then you could possibly be pregnant. If not, then you aren't.

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