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I would say the discharge is from ovulating. A clear discharge is common when a woman ovulates.

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Is a girl pregnant if there is white discharge coming out of her vagina?

some fungal infection

My dog has a discharge coming out of her vagina?

I think this is a sign that her period is coming soon , mostly in less than a week

White mucus discharge from the uterus and vagina?

Vaginal discharge it means your period is coming soon make sure your prepared!

Why do you have blood coming out your vagina if you dont have your period?

maybe your pregnant and lost your baby...

Can you be pregnant if you have a clear discharge from my vagina?


Is there a possiblity that you could be pregnant if you had your period about a week ago but now you are having a clear discharge from your vagina and you are feeling nausea?

No - you probably are not pregnant. If you had your period then you are not pregnant. There are many other things to cause discharge and nausea. Clear discharge from the Vagina is very normal & isn't a pregnancy symptoms. Every day your Vagina will release discharge but sometimes you may notice more discharge than before after or prior to your period or around ovulation time. If you're feeling sick & suspect pregnancy, then see your doctor for a quantitative beta hcg pregnancy blood test.

I have never had my period but what is the white gooey substance coming from your vagina?

its called discharge, it's cleaning your feminine area.

Today you had a brown discharge from your vagina you had your periods last month on 26th Feb what does this signify?

you could be pregnant if not using protection while having sex, or your body is telling you that your period is soon to be coming.

You had your period towards the end of January and you are still peeing a lot?

Possibly discharge? Discharge-fluid that gets out of vagina after period. it cleans out vagina

You want to discharge in your girl friend Vagina is it safe?

if your girlfriend wants to be pregnant then yes it is quite safe to discharge into the vagina.

When you are pregnant can blood still discharge from your vagina?


What is the white sticky stuff that comes out of your vagina before you start your period?

that is discharge which means ur periods coming soon.

Are you pregnant if you have white gooey stuff coming out of your vagina?

You may or may not be pregnant but, either way, it has nothing to do with white gooey stuff coming out of your vagina, which sounds more like a discharge from a yeast or bacterial infection. This would be a good time to see a doctor and learn about this.

Are you still on your period if brownishd stuff is coming out of your vagina?

The brownish discharge is most likely old blood, and it is perfectly normal to see it at the beginning or end of your period.

Can white lotion like vagina discharge four days before your period be a symptons of pregnancy?

If you menstruate then you can't be pregnant - you will only get your period if you don't become pregnant. White lotion like vaginal discharge is normal leading up to menstruation and not a symptom of pregnancy.

What is the clear liquid coming out of your vagina?

It's called discharge.

What does it mean when you have a greenish discharge coming from your vagina?

go to a doctor

Do you need discharge in order to start your period?

yes. the discharge is a way of cleaning out you vagina ready for the period cycle to start.

Discharge doesnt mean your pregnant right?

no. discharge is like thick liquid stuff which comes out of the vagina

The breakdown and discharge of the uterine lining out of the vagina causes what?


I got my period last night but today nothing except a dark brown smelly discharge on my vagina Is this normal I have not had sex but my bf came on my stomach and it may have dripped to my vagina.?

It is unlikely that you are pregnant

What are the chances that you are pregnant if you used a condom but you were already late on your period and now you have white discharge but no period?

it's either one of three things. Your period is about to start, your vagina is cleaning itself or you might be pregnany.

Can you be pregnant if white strechy egg yoke like substance is coming out of your vagina?

It's just discharge and it's usually thicker during ovulation. You need to take a test to find out if you are pregnant.

How do you know when your period stopped?

You know when your period stopped because you are no longer bleeding - no blood, brown discharge, or pink discharge leaving your vagina.

Is it normal for your first period to be white?

The white, liquid,clearish thing that comes out from your vagina is not a period. It's called a discharge and you get it when your close to your period,sexually active, or just cleaning your body. It is normal to get it and it is also normal to get it every single day! I got my period like 2 months after I got my discharge. but when my period was coming, the discharge was thick, and was coming out than before. If your period is coming soon and your at school, you better bring pads (or any other period materials) into your backpack or your locker so when you get it, you can just put it on. Hope this helped!-Webcasey