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Minors who are in foster care are under the direct supervision of the court. Therefore, they must have permission from the court (not the foster family) to marry, enlist in the military, change residency and so forth. The foster family is required to report to the court all issues concerning the foster child and pregnancy would definitely be brought to the attention of the court. So it is irrelevant if the adult male request permission to marry the minor female in regards to his facing criminal or civil penalties. It would be in the best interest of the adult male to speak with the base AG office (through the chain of command) or if preferrable the base chaplain for guidance before taking any further action.

2006-08-24 17:52:53
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How can a felon join the military?

They cant If you have a criminal back ground you can't join the military.

What branch of the military will accept you if you have a criminal record?


Why is fraternization a criminal penalty in the US Military?

It is contrary to the good order and discipline of the military service.

Does st Leo university offer a degree in criminal justice?

Saint Leo University does offer a criminal justice program. They have both undergraduate and graduate programs. It also links criminal justice to military programs because it is a military college.

Can you add your girlfriend to your military insurance?

No. They receive nothing from the military until they sucker you into putting a ring on their finger.

What is a sentence for restrained?

My girlfriend was in the military and was raped by the enemy and restrained.

What could you do with a criminal Justice Degree in the US Navy?

With a Criminal Justice degree, you could become a Military Officer in the US Navy.

Can your criminal record effect joining the military?

It might, depending on the offense you committed. Check with the military recruitment office of your choice.

Who is gong yoo's girlfriend?

Gong Yoo (공유) recently finished his military service. Being in the military for 2 years, he does not have any girlfriend at the moment. He is focusing in his career and will find the perfect match.

What is the definitition of civilian tribunal?

It is a non-military trial dealing in either civil or criminal hearings. As opposed to a military tribunal which is conducted by and for military members of the armed forces.

What is the criminal justice system in Burma?

the criminal justice system in Burma ia not far, because the military beader do anything they want. no law

Are you elidgable for basic housing allowance in the military if you arent married but live with your girlfriend and baby?

Ask the military housing department.

What is the differences among civil criminal military and juvenile law?

Civil law governs acts where there are no prescribed penalties. Marriage, divorce, real estate and probate are examples. Criminal law specifies prohibited acts and penalties for committing those acts. Military law governs only those people serving in the military. Military law is set down in the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Juvenile law is a subset of civil and criminal law that governs how juveniles are treated under these other laws.

Why isn't the US military considered a criminal gang?

Probably because it isn't one.

Is the NCIS a branch in the military?

It is the Navy amd MArine Corps criminal investigation division.

Can the military find everything on you criminal record?

Yes they can because they want to make sure your not a "trouble maker". I know this because some of my family members are in the military. they can may also know all of your family's name and occupation and their criminal records.

Can you enlist in the military if you have a criminal record?

Possibly, it may depend a lot on the severity and seriousness of the offense.

The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 allowed the US military to participate in domestic criminal investigations?


What circumstances as a healthcare provider are you obligated to inform the military criminal investigative services when a person is active duty?

If a person is an active duty service member, as a healthcare provider, you are obligated to inform the military criminal investigative services only if the victim elects to do so.

What is the Easiest military branch to get into with criminal record?

They're all the same. Entrance into the United States Military requires an FBI background check, with acceptable results.

What is cid when speaking of military items?

The Criminal Investigative Department of the United States Army. It is the army's version of NCIS (the popular tv show about the navy criminal investigative service)

Do you need experience to join the military?

No experience is required, but the branches of the military do require a high school diploma. He will also make sure he does not have any kind of criminal record.

What are grounds for a dishonorable discharge?

Unbecoming conduct (criminal or immoral activity), AWOL, poor service record, basically anything that is deemed to put the military in a bad light could be grounds for a dishonorable discharge. In cases of criminal conduct you could be subject to military courtmartial if committed on post or while engaged in military activity. You would then be sentenced to military prison, and after serving time would be dishonorably discharged.

Cid what does cid mean?

criminal investigation division, part of the Provost marshal element (military police)

What is the definition of court-martial?

A court martial, is/are court proceedings conducted by the military against their own members. Courts Martial is judicial and criminal review that may lead to acquittal or punishment in the military. In essence, it is a military court.