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Yes, we have found evidence of planets orbiting neutron stars. A planet similar to Earth in size and mass could exist around a neutron star, but beyond that it would not be very Earthlike. Such planets probably form from the remains of the supernova.

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What planet is most earth-like and and what planet is farthest from the sun?

Most earthlike is a matter of debate, but could be Mars.Furthest is Neptune.

Is neutron a planet in your solar system?

do you know what a neutron planet is if you do could you tell me cause i don't bye

Why is it most likely that mars would be the first planet that humans would settle on?

Because it is the nearest planet to Earth that does not have conditions readily deadly to humans (poisonous gases in the atmosphere, extreme heat, etc.), and theoretically could be made more Earthlike.

How does the mass of a planet affect its habitability?

We humans evolved here on Earth, in Earthlike conditions. W're pretty adaptable, though, so we could probably survive on a bigger planet with somewhat heavier gravity (perhaps up to 1.5gs!) or a smaller planet with less. But too little gravity and it wouldn't be enough to retain an atmosphere....

What is the layer of gas around a planet?

depends on what is the planet could be nitrogen helium etc

Could a nova wipe out a planet?

If a nova were to get close enough to a planet, there's no doubt in my mind it could. if it were a planet around the size of earth easily. A bigger planet would be more difficult, but yes. a nova can wipe out a planet.

What is a rocky object that revoles around the sun?

Such an object could be a terrestrial planet, a dwarf planet, or an asteroid.

Is the earth a satellite or a planet?

The earth is a planet. It could also be classified as a satellite bacause it orbits around a larger body, the Sun.

Could they stop showing planet sheen and put jimmy neutron back?

Yes, they should stop showing planet sheen and start new episodes for jimmy neturon. (NOTE: Jimmy Neturon starts reruns on Nicktoons everyday at 10am)

A rock that revolves around the sun is called a?

a asteroid_______________________If it is big enough, it could be a planet.

Could neutron stars support life?

No it could not most stars burn helium and hydrogen to give light and heat neutron stars are made of only neutrons and gives off little light and the gravity is extremely high compared to a normal star if a earth like planet orbited a neutron star the stars gravity well ( is the pull of gravity that a large body in space exerts. The larger the body (the more mass) the greater the gravity well it has. The Sun has a large (or deep) gravity well) then its gravity well would most likely pull earth into the neutron star so fast and so hard it would smash the planet apart

Example of a Neutron Star?

Puppis A is a neutron star. I remember another neutron star named "Gaminga," but I could not find any links to it. Refer to the links below.

Could a neutron star break due to a collision?

A neutron star is so dense, that apart from a direct collision from another neutron star, the chances are slim to impossible.

Which particle could not be deflected by a magnetic field?


What orbits around a planet?

it could bea natural seatellitelike the moonor a manmade satellite

Would a technologically superior alien race from an earthlike world simply destroy mankind so they could seize Earth for there own?

hmmm.... good question. you're asking me as if I KNOW the answer but nobody does then you're assuming a lot like the existence of aliens who happen to be superior who happen to live in an earthlike world and are interested in taking over the earth

Why neutron mass is greater of proton mass?

A neutron could split into a proton plus an electron during the radioactive decay..

Did the neutron help the world?

I'm not sure what you intend with the question, but in a sense you could say that the Neutron IS the world. As part of the basic structure of matter, the world could not exist without it. Since the neutron preceded the world, the question is a bit of a non-sequitur.

A frozen ball of dust and gas revolving around the sun?

A frozen ball of dust and gas revolving around the sun could describe the planet Pluto. The planet, Pluto, was downgraded to a frozen ball dust and no longer considered to be a planet to scientists and astronomers.

What is planet has the most known moons?

Jupiter, it has 63 confirmed that are in a stable orbit around the planet. There could well be more than this though, which have yet to be discovered.

What is a large body of matter that moves around a star like the sun?

A planet, a minor planet, an asteroid or a comet. For that matter, it could also be a belt or a cloud.Jupiter.

How many moons of planet Jupiter?

Jupiter has 63 confirmed moons that are in a stable orbit around the planet. There could well be more than this though, which have yet to be discovered.

What planet has over 63 moons?

Jupiter has the most moons, 63 confirmed that are in a stable orbit around the planet. There could be more than this though, which have yet to be discovered.

Why isn't Ganymede a dwarf planet?

It isn't a dwarf planet because it orbits around Jupiter, and it's a moon. If you included moons in the criteria for dwarf planets, then Earth's moon could be a dwarf planet, too.

Are aliens visiting your planet?

An alien is from a different planet and scienctists have proved that every planet except Earth have no living sources and do not orbit around the sun fast enough so if they are not reall they could not visit us.

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