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STDs can cause abnormal vaginal discharge. This is usually called vaginitis; it is caused by candida, gardnerella, herpes, trichomonas, and mycoplasma bacterias and viruses and other microorganisms. Vaginitis may cause itching inside & outside the vagina, pain in the vaginal area, vaginal discharge that is abnormal in color (yellow or thick white), and unplesant odor. It sounds like this may be a yeast infection which has a thick cottage cheese discharge with a foul odor. It is best to see a doctor to determine the cause, so that the appropriate treatment can be given.

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Could bloody mucus from the vagina be std related?

Yes it certainly can be from a STD.

Do your vagina gets tighter in the inside when you are pregnant?

you could say yes to that question because your vagina contracts so it holds the mucus plug in your cervix which causes you not to have a miscarrage

What could happen if your stomach didn't produce enough mucus?

NOTHING. Well that could be right but also if your body can not produce enough mucus, your body could cause you to get an ulcer.

Can mucus in the vaginia prevent pregnancy?

No, mucus in the vagina is normal and is sometimes a sign of increased fertility

Still passing a clear slimy mucus from vagina 9 months after giving birth could it still be the remains of the mucus plug if i was an emergency c-section patient?


Your wife has an odor from her vagina and the mucus is a little thicker and yellow could this be a STD?

Yes it can be a STD. You and your wife need to be tested.

What secretes mucus during sexual intercourse?


How long does it take for the mucus to come out of your vagina?


Can chlamydia cause a mucus discharge?

Yes, chlamydia can cause a mucus discharge.

What glands secrete mucus to lubricate the vagina?

They are called bartholin's glands and are found between the vulva and the vagina.

What is A profuse white mucus discharge from the uterus and vagina?


What is that white mucus coming from your vagina?

That's a sign that your about to have your period!

How long does it take to get out vagina mucus?

Not sure about your question, but mucus is a normal thing for the vagina. The tissue in the vaginal sheath contains goblet cells that secrete mucus. This is completely normal and helps to prevent tissue damage. If the vagina did not stay moist, that would be completely unhealthy and require treatment to prevent permanent damage.

Your vagina is very wet with mucus like substance?

It Means Your Horny

I want to know what is it when your vagina has this mucus stuff coming out of it?

It could be typical discharge, but if your sexually active you need to be checked out for infections. Dont worry, their common.

Is the liquid your vagina squirts out when you get sexually excited actually urine?

no No, it's vaginal fluids. Not always, it could be ejaculate or some other vaginal mucus.

What is the stuff that comes out of a vagina when its wet?

what that fluid is basically mucus fluid and water

What is discharge?

mucus that comes out a girls vagina when she is going through developement/ periods

What is that white gooey stuff like mucus coming out from the vagina?

its called discharge

Can swallowing too much mucus cause stomachache?

Yes! In fact, swallowing mucus can even cause you to throw up. If you have mucus in your system, try to cough or spit it out.

What could cause my bowel movement to contain yellow mucus?

It is normal to have some mucus in the stool due to the bile in the intestine. If it is happening everytime I would suggest talking with your doctor.

Why is my vagina burnt after using nair?

Nair has a chemical in it so strong that it actually dissolves the hair. Another household product strong enough to dissolve hair is Liquid Plumr and Draino, just to give you an idea how caustic Nair can be. Though considered safe to use on the skin, it is harsh enough to dissolve the protective mucus lining of your vagina. Just like the snot in your nose and wax in your ears, you vagina has a protective lining (cervical mucus) that helps keep out harmful bacteria, and it also protects from pregnancy some days of your menstrual cycle, and flushes out dead cells. When you used Nair on your girly parts, you got some in your vagina, and it burned out your mucus lining and probably your extremely delicate skin inside your vagina. Douching too often can upset the balance of your mucus flushing too, and cause problems where there weren't any before. Nair was not meant to be used wherever you have a protective mucus lining (the nose, your vulva, etc.).

What is a nickel sized bubble of mucus coming from my cats vagina?

It is possible that she is ovulating ("in heat")

Is less mucus a sign of pregnancy?

No its a sign of a dry vagina. Usually caused by a yeast infection.

Why is the mucus in the vagina very runny and sticky?

because it traps and carries the unwanted particles out of the body