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Could an allergy cause swelling under one eye?


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2011-07-25 13:32:29
2011-07-25 13:32:29

Yes. When you notice it take your usual allergy medicine. Also, put an ice pack on the swollen area. Swelling should reduce.

See your doctor/emergency center if:

You do not know that you suffer from allergies

swelling doesn't reduce within one hour of treatment


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Facial swelling, earache, and tenderness under the eye could be caused by a number of ailments. Most likely this is from an allergy.

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an abscess could be the cause.

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Facial swelling under the eyes and cheeks can be caused by a mild to serious disorder. Swelling may even be caused by an allergic reaction from food to animal dander.

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Blunt force trauma can cause swelling under an eye and redness in the eye. If this happens you should consult a doctor.

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If it is a burning or/and swelling (and it's in your bone/bones) it could be arthritis.

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