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Could an illegal immigrant mother with US born children be deported for using false documents for employment while receiving public assistance under her real indentity?

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2006-10-04 13:51:04

Deportation is likely for any illegal alien. Fact is, however,

that BCIS (Immigration Services), along with the U.S. government,

understand that the base of the American economy is made of illegal

aliens that accept lower rates, pay taxes (regardless of the

validity of their SSN) and contribute a great deal to the service

section of the economy. Because of that, very very rarely

immigration will go after a person whose crime is only working

legally. Most deportation cases go along with drug use, home

sexual/forceful abuse, robbery, murder or crimes such as these. *

Yes. The falsification of documents or the use of documents

belonging to another person (Social Security number, alien

registration card, visa, etc.) is a federal felony and if convicted

the illegal immigrant is subject to imprisonment and permanent

deportation. The receiving of public assistance by fraudlent means

is in some US states a criminal act as well, generally considered a

misdemeanor but the circumstances decide what if any charges are

applicable. Any foreign national whether legal or unlawfully

present within the US can be deported when convicted of any

criminal felony whether federal or state. The issue of having US

born citizen children would not be a factor in the person being

charged with a criminal offense, but might play a part in whether

or not the person would be deported.

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