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Possibly. Depending on the conditions of your policy, the claim may be denied or only paid a rediculously small fraction such as 8-10% of the premium value.

Any part of an application for life insurance that can be proven to be a lie can void the policy. Companies that I know of will refund premiums paid, but will not honor the policy.

Any intentional lie on an insurance form will void the policy if they find out.

For every question on an application there are unique circumstances. If you have a claim that is being investigated or has been denied you should contact The Center for Life Insurance Disputes for a free consultation.

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Q: Could an insurance claim be denied if you state in the application that you are a citizen or resident of the U.S. when you are not?
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Not answering an application for insurance has serious consequences. If you 'misrepresent' any information on the application and suffer a claim, then entire claim can be denied.

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I'm not sure why you would want to do this. Why is the owner not getting the insurance? You will be asked on the application for insurance who owns the vehicle, if you are not truthful, you risk, (should a claim arrise), ''mis representation'' on the application and the entire claim can be denied for this. (including the damage you/owner are responsible for to other people)

What if an insurance claim is denied because the company found out that the applicant was HIV positive when they passed?

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most companys will run a 'clue' or dmv records search which will show all activity on your drivers license... ANY questions on application for insurance must be answered honestly....untruthful, or dishonest answers on an application could result in a 'mis rep' situation....if misrepresentation on an application is proved a claim can be denied..........

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