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yes it wont allow your compressor to run

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โˆ™ 2008-01-29 23:13:02
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Q: Could body contol module not allow compressor to run on a 93 buick lesabre?
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Does a 1993 Buick Lesabre have a fuse for the horn Or could there be another reason that it does not work?

Yea, the 1993 Buick Lesabre does have a fuse for the horn. However, there could be other reasons why the horn doesn't work, the clockspring or relay could be out.

What could be the fix for code P0171 on a 1997 Lesabre?

Fuel trim rich.

What could cause the back floorboard of a 1993 buick lesabre to get wet?


Why is your ac compressor squealing?

Could be a loose belt, bad bearing in the compressor, malfunctioning clutch, lack of compressor oil... any of those things.

No power to ac compressor only power to everything else 2001 escort zx2?

Check under the air filter housing for the PCM (power control module) if you could open it you would see about 5 relays on a circuit board one of the relays is for ac compressor. In general change the PCM.

92 lesabre ac wnew receiverdrier hot air blows except on freeway--pressure normalizes within 3 secs of compressor shutoff--compressor always on in idle--where could high-to-low pressure leak be?

sounds like to me, your expansion valve is broken, its what creates the high/low pressure difference in the first place. On the highway, your compressor is spinning fast enough combined with high condensor effeciency to manage a little cooling.

Where is the orifice tube on ac unit 1985 Buick LeSABRE?

follow the high side line from your compressor, it should be just after your condensor, or it could be an expansion valve system if it's been updated, the expansion valve would look like a square block.

AC compressor runs constantly on 2000 Dodge Ram is this normal?

No, this is not normal. The compressor should only run when the A/C or Defrost is turned on. The compressor should be inspected to see if the air gap between the clutch hub and the pulley is set correctly. The air gap should be set to the recommended OEM specification. The air gap should be spaced evenly around the pulley/clutch hub area. If the gap is closer on one side of the clutch than the other, the compressor may be damaged and should not be used. This condition could keep the compressor engaged constantly. The compressor could stay on if the electrical circuit, a black wire, gains a ground some place other than the Power Module. This circuit should be checked for proper grounds before going any farther. This system also has the possibility of a malfunction in the Power module, which can cause the compressor to stay engaged with the switch in the OFF position. When the wiring diagram is examined, look at the brown wire, is the power lead coming from a 25A fuse. This wire should have battery voltage when the key is in the RUN position. The Black wire is grounded through the Power Module. You may also have a defective Power Module, or in rare instances a defective power switch for the A/C.

Why might the air conditioner not work in a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE?

if the compressor dont come on when you turn on the a/c then your compressor could be bad, also there is a relay in the fuse panel for the a/c compressor is it has gone out then that could cause it if your compressor comes on then you might need to recharge your system

Why won't your air change from hot to cold on a Plymouth Voyager?

Need more info. what year and are you talking about the cold to hot dial/lever or A/C? If you are talking about hot/cold lever/dial, depending on year it could be a cable or module problem. Older lever models had cables, dial models are a module. The cable can be replaced for just that lever, if it a module it has to be replaced as a complete unit (all the dials together). For years with the module check the fuses/power to and from the module before replacing, also you can get a cheap replacement from a junkyard. For example, I looked into a module for a cirrus(due to a broken knob) and only cost $35. If you are saying the A/C isn't coming on, check to see if the compressor is engaging when you select A/C. If not it could be multiple things: 1. fuse or bad wire/connector 2. Module 3. No refridgerant- have a leak in the system 4. compressor is bad or press switch

1987 Pontiac 6000 le not starting when hot all new CPU ecu and injector?

It could be that the Ignition Control Module is faulty. There are known to go bad during the motor being hot, but once cooled down the engine will start. This is located on the front of the motor, underneath the the coil packs. You have to take the coil packs off, and unplug the ICM (Ignition Contol Module), and it will fall off from there.

Why does car ac compressor short cycle?

It could be several reasons. First, the freon level may be low. I would have the freon pressure checked first, or you can do yourself. Second, you could have a bad compressor sensor. Third, the compressor itself could be bad or you could have bad expansion valve. All could cause short cycling.

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