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Yes; it could be implantation bleeding. Do a test.

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Q: Could brownish discharge for 4 days and one spot of blood be implantation?
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What can a short period and brownish discharge mean?

Hi A brownish discharge is old blood. A short period and brownish discharge may be pregnancy related and implantation bleeding. If it is implantation bleeding it is too early to do a pregnancy test. You will need to see your doctor for a blood test. It may also be caused by a hormonal imbalance or pre-menopausal.

Do you bleed the day of implantation or after- had sharp pains 7dpo and brownish discharge 9 dpo When could implantation have occurred if at all?

It is possible to bleed for days after implantation. If the blood is brownish, that indicates the blood is not 'fresh' and it turned brown before exiting the vagina. This could be implantation bleeding, as implanation usually occurs between 5 and 10 days past ovulation (but can occur up to 14 days past ovulation).

What is the brown discharge you are having between periods?

Brown discharge is actually old blood. Some woman, especially those with irregular cycles, will experience spotting between periods. Brownish-Pinkish discharge between periods could also be a sign of ovulation or implantation.

What could smelly discharge and a few drops of blood mean?

Implantation blood or ovulation bleeding from pink princess

What is the color of implantation blood?

Implantation bleeding is usually discharge tinged with blood or pinkish in colour. Some women also experience brown bleeding during implantation.

Does a lot of blood in your discharge mean im pregnant?

no answer maybe it could be Implantation bleeding which is a pregnancy sign or ovulation bleeding

You are 10 days late for your pms but you are having lightpink and brown bleeding for 6 days now is a sign of pregnant?

Yes it could be a sign of implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding is vaginal discharge which usually contains a small amount of pinkish or brownish blood. Only about a third of pregnant women experience implantation bleeding. if you have any more questions please leave a message on my message board.

If you had your period for one day does that mean you're pregnant?

It is a possibility, it could be Implantation Bleeding. Implantation Bleeding is vaginal discharge which usually contains a small amount of pinkish or brownish blood. About a third of pregnant women experience implantation bleeding. It can happen at the time the fertilized egg implants in the uterus, on average between 6 to 12 days past ovulation. Unless it is accompanied by cramping, backache or increased bleeding, a small amount of blood being discharged should be considered as implantation bleeding which is nothing to be concerned about.

If a small amount of brown discharge occurred after a stressful couple days but it corresponds to implantation time could you be pregnant even if on the pill?

Yes this could be implantation bleeding. This happened to me when I was on the pill. See your doctor for a blood test.

Is brownish-red discharge the day after sex a sign of pregnancy?

It's highly unlikely.Brownish-red discharge always is old blood. If the sex was close to the end of your period, then the discharge is the last of period blood. If you aren't close to your period, is it possible you were injured?

Can slimy discharge with little blood and brown dried up in it be implantation?


Is implantation bleeding bright red?

no, it's a brownish pink, and does not look like normal period blood.

After not taking you depo shot can you have some yellowish-brownish discharge?

Yes after the due date I had brown blood discharge.

Is it normal to have pink discharge?

This could be a mixture of semen and blood, if you recently had sex without a condom. answer could be Implantation bleeding which you get 11 days or more after period or something

Brownish discharge mid-cycle is this normal?

Yes, it is just the blood getting mixed with your period blood

Do you have increase in discharge when you're pregnant?

Yes, you have increased vaginal discharge while pregnant. If the discharge is green or dark yellow or brownish or blood tinged. Call a doctor.

Is brown slimy discharge a sign of pregnancy?

Brown discharge is usually a indication of blood in the discharge. If you had sex around 8-14 days ago then this could be implantation bleeding. If your due a period in the next few days it could be pre-period discharge. If your itching and the discharge smell it is a yeast infection which you need some fungal cream for.

Should i take the HPT even if i am having a brown discharge?

Brown discharge could be implantation bleeding or early pregnancy spotting which are both common. If your period is late, take a test or go and get a blood test.

Does brownish discharge mean a miscarriage?

No, not at all. It just means that the blood dried before it came out. This is perfectly natural. If it worries you, ask a doctor. Sometimes girls on the pill get a brownish discharge because it affects the hormones and when you have your period, so the blood may dry earlier.

Is light pink and brown discharge normal if so what does it mean?

Could be implantation bleeding, or just old and new blood mix.

Why did you have a brownish discharge at the end of your period?

some times its just the last of the blood. (you know how if you leave blood for a while it goes brown)

Is red blood in discharge implantation bleeding which only happened in one day?

I'm not saying its not, but normally implantation bleeding is pink or brownish in colour. Answer no it can be brown/pink/red and can be stringy/ thick that's what I got told from a doctor who knows. Implantation bleeding doesn't always mean your pregnant tho cause I had it which was pink then got my period 2 weeks later which came early NOT FAIR

Hi is blood in discharge only happened once in a day that's all is this Implantation bleeding?

yes it is

What happen if you saw a brownish colour discharge after menstrual and a fishy smelling odor?

brownish looking blood is usually old blood. As for the smell there is usually odor with your menstrual cycle, however it could mean a bacterial infection. If it persists follow up with you doctor. There are creams that can fix this problem.

What does a watery vaginal discharge with brownish particles that looks like dried or old blood mean?

Possible fibroids!?