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Yes this could be signs of pregnancy.

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Q: Could certain smells making you feel sick and things tasting different be signs of pregnancy?
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What are the deficiencies of protein?

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How do teens manage teen pregnancy?

you can manage teen pregnancy by not making out with a guy.

What are the symptoms of a pregnancy in the first trimester?

Missed period Positive pregnancy test Feeling sick/actually being sick Needing to pee more Headaches Certain smells/colours/foods making you feel/be sick Dizziness Exhausted Moody and emotional

What is the signs of teen pregnancy?

Same as with other pregnancies: Headaches Feeling/being sick Certain smells/colours/foods making you feel/be sick Exhausted Needing to pee more Greasy skin and hair, often more spots and breakouts Missed period Positive pregnancy test Moody and emotional Cravings for certain foods

Chances of full term pregnancy with ectopic pregnancy?

no, there is no way of a full term pregnancy, your tubes can only stretch upto a certain extent, and then they will burst, making internal bleeding, which is extremely dangerous to the mother, possible not being able to have children again, and death of the fetus. If you do have any signs of an ectopic then I would visit your hospital asap, as ectopic pregnancy is very serious.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy between 2 and 12 weeks?

Missed period Feeling sick/actually being sick Positive pregnancy test Certain smells/foods/colours making you feel/be sick Needing to pee more Food cravings Exhausted Headaches Moody and emotional Sore/tender boobs You might be having all, some or none of these symptoms because every woman is different and so experiences different symptoms

When pregnancy is created?

A pregnancy begins with the actual act of love making. If the sperm and the egg come together and the egg is fertilised by the sperm a pregnancy begins.

How does teen pregnancy impact your community?

by kids making more babies their babies would want to make more babies making a bunch of babies and that is how teen pregnancy impacts our community by making babies babies babies!

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Can these feelings of nausea and the smell of certain foods making me heave same as my first pregnancy be early signs of pregnancy my period is 8 days away?

Possible. But best just to wait and see if you miss your period, as other things can cause nausea. Wait two weeks past any missed period and take a home pregnancy test then.

What does a pregnancy pill do?

You need to specify. There are no pills making you pregnant.

What are signs of pregnancy when you have irregular periods?

The same as normal: Feeling sick/actually being sick Headaches Moody and emotional/mood swings Exhausted Tender/sore breasts Food cravings Certain smells/colours/food making you feel/be sick Positive pregnancy test

What are the symptoms of pregnancy for a 16 year old?

The same as for anyone at any age: Headaches Exhaustion Needing to pee more Moody and emotional Feeling/being sick Certain smells making you feel/be sick Missed period Positive pregnancy test Food/smell cravings

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What does single live intrauterine pregnancy mean?

It means you have a pregnancy inside the uterus (which is a normal pregnancy) an the baby has a heartbeat making it now living and not just a bunch of cells

If your pregnancy symptoms are milder than they were is that a bad thing?

No. It just means that the pregnancy hormones that were making the symptoms stronger are now decreasing which is what is meant to happen during pregnancy

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Can taking daily laxatives make a pregnancy test result negative?

o it will not help in making the pregnancy test negative in anyway.

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Can you fake a pregnancy test by sticking it in water and making it say negative?


What has the author Bruce Hayman written?

Bruce Hayman has written: 'A miracle in the making' -- subject(s): Pregnancy, Childbirth, Prenatal care 'A miracle in the making' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Prenatal care

What are the signs of pregnancy at 14 years of age?

The same as for anyone else who is pregnant: Missed period Feeling/being sick Certain smells/colours/foods making you feel/be sick Headaches Needing to pee more Sore/tender breasts Moody and emotional Positive pregnancy test Exhaustion Food cravings